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Got a growing toddler or preschooler at home? Track your child's month-to-month milestones and use our Growth Chart tool to calculate your toddler's height and weight. We also have tips to improve physical, cognitive, and language development, as well as fool-proof potty training strategies and solutions. If your toddler has entered the terrible twos, get discipline tips to manage temper tantrums, and deal with your picky eaters with yummy (and healthy!) finger food recipes. Plus, learn how to care for a sick toddler with medical advice from health experts. And if your toddler's heading to pre-K, prepare with fun preschool activities.

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Manners & Responsibility: Getting Your Child to Listen
Manners & Responsibility: Getting Your Child to Listen

Are your kids ignoring you? Our video has the best tips to get them to listen.

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Re: Vomiting Issue

I don't want to scare you because it is most likely what you mentioned. However, it is definitely worth mentioning to her doctor.  There are some instances where this could be an indication of a seizure.  It does sound like ... More

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Tiffany Beveridge's Cutie Quinoa Will Make You...

She’s sassy, savvy, and LOL-worthy. If you haven’t heard of Quinoa (no, not the food this time!), you’re missing out. Tiffany Beveridge turned her viral Pinterest board, “My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter”, starring a little girl with the same name ... More

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