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Battle for The Danube WII Barbarossa 1941 - Historical Wargame Expansion Set - World War II Wargame Expansion Set for Operation Ba...rbarossa 1941 a tactical-level wargame with a unique simultaneous-order mechanic. This expansion includes scenarios for early-war action along the southern Russian front and includes rules for Romanian and Soviet border guard units. Includes 11 kits (units) from the Art of Tactic range bases board game cards dice new scenarios and rule book. Models in the game are typically 1/72 scale (infantry) 1/100 scale (most vehicles except the trains and boats in this set) or 1/144 scale (aircraft). Additional available units (not in this kit) now expand operations with the use of paratroopers and transport aircraft as well as new anti-aircraft weaponry and new light and medium tanks. HQ operations now offer new objectives and more control over units. This first expansion for Operation Barbarossa 1941 puts you in the middle of the furious confrontation between Soviet border guards and Romanian infantry divisions during the first days of the "Great Patriotic War". This set includes 11 models for new types of units - Romanian infantry Soviet border guards armored river boats and trains - as well as new terrain pieces for lakes rocks ravines railways and more. Players can explore new tactical options including radio interception airborne assaults supply airdrops and burning enemy settlements making every round of gameplay more exciting and realistic. Combine Battle for the Danube with Barbarossa 1941 (item # ZVE-6134) and other Art of Tactic models to create even larger breathtaking battles. Read More

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