Zim's Zim's Wound Care, Advanced Collagen Gel 1 oz (28 g)

Natural, Safe and Effective! Patented Formula Contains Over 50% Collagen! Collagen Helps: Reduce Pain, Reduce Bleeding, Protect Wounds, Reduce Scarring. Doctor Recommended For: Minor Cuts and Abrasions, Traumatic and Surgical Wounds, First ...and Second Degree Burns, Chronic Wounds: Diabetic, Arterial, Vernous Stasis and Pressure Ulcers. Zim's Wound Care Gel Contains Type 1 Collagen that supplies crucial nutritive protein (19 amino acids) directly to the wound site, virtually jump-starting the haling process. Did You Know Type 1 Collagen. . . . . Is the most abundant protein in the human body Provides the foundation for new cell growth Forms a soothing protective barrier helping to protect against bacterial contamination Reduces pain by sealing off nerve endings as it forms a film at the wound site Helps minimize the potential of scarring. Zim's? Wound Care Gel does not contain any preservatives, alcohol or synthetic substances. Questions? 1-800-319-2225 Read More

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