Zadro Zadro Nano-UV Wand 1 ea

Large Area Disinfection Scanner Simply Pass Within 1/2" of the Surface to Safely Kill 99.99% of Bacteria and Virus in a 10 Second Sweep! The Nano-UV? Wand Emits the Entire UV Spectrum The Nano-UV? Wand uses a combination of UV-A, UV-B and U...V-C rays between 185nm - 365nm. Ultraviolet C-Light is the same technology already proven effective in hospitals, water treatment plants, food processing plants, air cleaners, toothbrush sanitizers and more. Regular Ultraviolet takes 1-3 hours to eliminate germs and viruses while the Patent Pending Nano-UV? Wand produces sufficient energy to damage and alter the DNA of Microorganisms in 10 seconds. Nano-UV? Wand Large Area Disinfection Scanner - Kills epidemic bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus Aureus, Avian Bird Flu, SARS, Eggs of Dust Mites, Lice and Fleas. Prove effective for: Food Preparation, Kitchen Counters, Beds and Mattresses, Shower Floors, Remote Controls, Public Rest Rooms, Clinics, Nurseries, Butcher Blocks, Footwear, Play Area, Restaurants, Offices, Waiting Rooms, Pillows, Rugs, Hotels, Tables, High Chairs, Toys, Curtains. A by-product of UV light is Ozone which neutralizes odors. Large Area Disinfection Scanner Dust Mites flourish indoors! Especially in beds, pillows and rugs where they feed on dead skin and live in humid, warm and dark environments. Some 44 million (45%) of all homes have a serious dust mite infestation. In nature they are killed by predators and exposure to direct sunlight, but at home they give you allergies, trigger asthma and Eczema. Depending on the age of the mattress, it may contain between 100,000 to 10,000,000 dust mites. Dust Mites and their droppings could be as much as 20%-50% of the mattress or pillow weight. Treating those surfaces with the Nano-UV? Wand will quickly lower the population of Dust Mites and their related droppings, and will even stop them from reproducing. Features: Automatic Shut-Off Battery Indicator Light 10 Second Progress Bar Child Safety Lock Rechargeable Internal Power Supply AC Power Adapter Dimensions: 14 7/8" (23" when opened) x 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" Certificates and Tests: Inertek (ETL) Testing Laboratories - USA Hong Kong Productivity Council Food Analysis Center Japan CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories - Hong Kong SGS (HK) Ltd. Chemistry Research Centre of National Cheng Kung University. Package Includes: Nano-UV? Wand AC/DC Adaptor Instruction Manual Read More

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