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Yamazaki is a manufacturer of stainless-steel products, and of flatware in particular Fumitoki Yamazaki founded the company in 1918; it originally made items in copper, silver, and brass. Yamazaki takes great pride in the intricate designs and craftsmanship of its flatware. In 19 ... Read More 91 the Nobel Foundation recognized Yamazaki for its artistic abilities -- it is the first company outside Sweden to produce the flatware that Nobel uses at its annual award ceremony. The Yamazaki family still runs the company. The highest-quality stainless steel is used in all Yamazaki products, and serving pieces are designed specifically to complement each line -- not to be "cookie-cutter" items that go with everything. Lines include "best value" sets, for cost-conscious families, as well as higher-end lines, such as Gold Accent. The overall look tends toward clean lines and elegant details, but a range of styles is available, from vintage-looking to Scandinavian to formal.
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