X8 Drums X8 Drums Cabasa - Natural

Even the Lawrence Welk crowd can appreciate a little bit of the Latin Jazz, and where would the next generation's Stan Kenton be without the X8 Drums Cabasa - Natural? This versatile and essential instrument features a steel-beaded string a...round a stainless steel drum that creates a scraping, shaking noise that you just won't get from any old maraca. This instrument is offered in a range of sizes, so find the one that best fits your hand and get ready for your intro. About X8 Drums and Percussion X8 Drums truly walks to the beat of their own drum. This family-owned company is committed to providing the best selection of high-quality musical instruments, with an emphasis on world music percussion instruments. X8 Drums has certainly helped champion ethnic hand drums in the digital age, thanks to its founders - a New York City rocker and an internet sage. Read More

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