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X Rocker

X Rocker creates multi functional furniture that combines relaxing and entertainment in one chair. X Rocker's furniture features built-in technologies that make the entertainment aspects of gaming, music, DVDs, and more even better with its AFM technology. 

Its AFM technology ... Read More- Audio Force Modulation - uses speakers and subwoofers to magnify sound quality. The AFM technology creates intense audio that makes an ordinary entertainment experience even more fun. Whether you're listening to music, enjoying a movie with the family, or gaming, an X Rocker lets your relax and really enjoy your fun time. 

One of X Rocker's most popular products, the 51417 Ice, lets you truly enjoy your audio. The rocker features two forward facing speakers for even better sound with a powerful subwoofer. The X Rocker lets you control volume and sound with a side control panel so you can change the audio without getting up. The X Rocker lets you not only hear your music, but also actually feel it while being in the action of your entertainment.  
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