Wow WOW Teeth Whitening Oral Rinse Powder Packets, Wintergreen 10 ea

A New Experience in Oral Freshness ~ Powder Oral Rinse For Those Times When You Just Can't Brush Xylitol, 100% natural, along with patented formula, removes plaque and bacteria Anytime, Anywhere Instant Oral Care Without Water Your Mouth St...ays Fresher and Cleaner Simply Pour and Swish? Dentist Recommended Helps Maintain Healthy Gums Removes Stains and Food Debris Helps Keep Teeth White Eliminates Most Mouth Odors Cleans, Disinfects, Helps Remove Plaque and Bio-Film Great for Coffee and Smokers? Breath 3 Great Flavors (Wowmint, Spearmint, Wintergreen) WOW® offers an alternative for oral hygiene on the go. With WOW, you don't need water or a toothbrush to protect your mouth from bad breath and gum disease. WOW Oral Rinse puts you just 90 seconds away from fresh breath and a healthy smile. This revolutionary dentifrice uses a unique combination of silica, baking powder and all-natural ingredients to promote oral hygiene. 1-800-900-0969 Read More

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