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CURSES! Of The Vampire The Fang-tastic laugh-out-loud party game. Can you do this - You are a Vampire named Bubba. Speak like a va...mpire Elvis. and this You are an infomercial host. Tell everyone why they need to buy the Ab-Cruncher right now. at the same time. Call now and zis Ab-Cruncher vill turn you into a hunka-hunka burnin' love. Zank you, zank you very muhc. Or, How about this - Make a friend becomes a crzay vampire or a hapless villager. If he slips up, ring the bell and you are one step closer to winning. The combinations of cards are up to you. Read More

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Go is a game of strategy and skill that originated in China 4,000 years ago, and has been perfected in Japan ever since. The goal ...of Go is simple to learn: gain control of your enemy's territories and capture his stones. Easy to get started, though it takes a lifetime to master, Go challenges the brain to think in ways it isn't accustomed to. This affordably priced set includes a standard Go game board with raised ball feet, two plastic bowls, and enough stones for a two player game. That's everything you need in order to challenge a friend to match wits in this deceptively puzzling pastime. Read More

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Can you talk like a pirate while shaving an invisible cat? Curses! is a card game of wacky curses (rules) that people give each ot...her. Anyone who makes enough slip-ups is out of the game and the last one remaining is the winner. Read More

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The Etched Wood Inlaid Backgammon Board Game Set includes an 18'' wood inlaid game board, 1.25'' checkers, dice and doubler. This ...fine wooden set also includes a handsome folding teak case and makes an exceptional addition to any home game collection. Read More

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Shop for Card and Casino Games and Accessories from! About WorldWise Imports:Specializing in retail and online merch...ants, Worldwise Import founder Cheryl Stern has assembled a team that has the experience necessary to import the very best international products. Since 2001, the team has traveled the world to find and supply the finest in chess, backgammon, cribbage, and other traditional games, as well as some exotic and not so traditional games. Worldwise Imports' commitment to excellence has helped it become a leader in world import markets. Read More

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