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Book Details: Format: Special Format Publication Date: 10/9/2012 Pages: 112 Reading Level: Age 5 and Up Author: Sharon Lovejoy Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

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Kids love origami?and what could be cooler than transforming a piece of paper into Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Yoda, or R2-D2? And n...ot just any paper, but custom-designed paper illustrated with art from the movies. Star Wars Origami marries the fun of paper folding with the obsession of Star Wars. Like The Joy of Origami and Origami on the Go, this book puts an original spin on an ancient art. And like Star Wars Scanimation and Star Wars Fandex, it?s a fresh take on Star Wars mania. Chris Alexander is a master folder and founder of the popular website, and here are 36 models, clearly explained, that range in difficulty from Youngling (easy) to Padawan (medium), Jedi Knight (difficult), and Jedi Master (tricky!). A front section introduces origami definitions and basic folds. Bound in the back is the book?s unique folding paper, two sheets for each figure. Illustrated with original art, it makes each creation?the essential lightsabers, the Death Star, and much more?true to the movies. Star Wars Origami includes a foreword by Tom Angleberger, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and Darth Paper Strikes Back, and is scheduled to be published at the same time as Angleberger?s upcoming book, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee. Book Details: Format: Paperback Author: Chris Alexander Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Dimensions: 7.99in length x 0.9in width x 8.5in height Weight: 27.19oz. Read More

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Features: Title: Designing with Grasses ISBN: 0881929832 ISBN 13: 9780881929836 General subject: Gardening Subject: Gardening / or...namental plants Language: English Publication date: 01/12/2011 Show Additional Info Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 0.75 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 9.5 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 8 Inches Overall Product Weight: 2.1 Pounds Read More

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Presents accurate palette that is augmented by favorite shades and combinations and also features professional guidelines on how t...o use color effectively in every room of the house for a variety of needs. Features: ISBN: 1579654088 ISBN 13: 9781579654085 General subject: Design Subject: Design / interior decorating Language: English Publication date: 11/01/2011 Title: The Right Color Show Additional Info Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 0.75 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 9.8 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 8.25 Inches Overall Product Weight: 2.05 Pounds Read More

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From now on, backseat pleas of Are we there yet? will be replaced with Can we go for another ride? Introducing ALL-AMERICAN CAR-I-...OKE-yes, karaoke for the car-a kit including a book of 15 great family sing-along tunes and activities galore, an accompanying CD of music, and three booklets of lyrics for the back seat and the way-back.Sing a gutsy, rocking version of Proud Mary-and learn some cool seat-dancing moves to go with it. Put on a show voice for Give My Regards to Broadway. Play a mad-lib version of mix-and-match lyrics with the Are We There Yet Blues. Pair off for the cowboy duet Red River Valley, raise a tear with Danny Boy, put on your best hillbilly voice and tell the story of Big Rock Candy Mountain (with some new child-friendly lyrics). And take the Car-i-oke Challenge: Try to hit the high note-land of the free-eeeeeee!-of The Star-Spangled Banner.The CD, recorded in Nashville, ranges from big instrumental productions with full horns to jug-band fun; vocals are added where needed to help the singers along. The 64-page book includes full lyrics to all the songs, plus tips on singing, road song quizzes, travel trivia, lessons in back seat drumming, and other musical activities. The three booklets have just the lyrics. Its an all-American, all-family musical extravaganza. Book Details:Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 6/23/2003 Pages: 64 Reading Level: Age 4 and Up Author: David Schiller Publisher: Workman Publishing Dimensions: 8.62in length x 0.76in width x 8.28in height Weight: 16.96 oz Read More

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The Mini House Book popped a wheelie! Four wheels, in fact. Announcing Mini Wheels Books, a new series of irresistible die-cut boa...rd-books-as-vehicles from Peter Lippman, creator of the Mini House Book series. Chunky, colorful, and lively, with doors that open and windows to explore, packed with adorable characters and rhyming action-and made fully mobile through the addition of real working wheels-each Mini Wheels Book is a delightful ride through the readers imagination.Mini School Bus lets readers climb on board the yellow school bus and sit with bunnies as they say their ABCs, count from 1 to 10, and more. Book Details: Format: Special Format Publication Date: 10/11/2001 Pages: 20 Reading Level: Age 2 and Up Author: Peter Lippman Publisher: Workman Publishing Dimensions: 3.46in length x 2.36in width x 3.38in height Weight: 6.4oz. Read More

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Sunbathing dinosaurs and artistic dinosaurs, dancing dinosaurs and volleyball-playing dinosaurs make learning opposites fun! From ...Boynton on Board, the bestselling series of extra-big, extra-fat, extra-appealing board books, Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! is a book of opposites featuring the inimitable Sandra Boyntonis colorful, humorous drawings and lively text. Main selection of the Childrenis Book-of-the-Month Club. Main selection of the Childrens Book-of-the-Month Club. Suitable for ages 1-4. Book Details: Format: Board Book Publication Date: 10/1/1993 Pages: 24 Reading Level: Age 0 and Up Author: Sandra Boynton Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Dimensions: 5.7in length x 0.74in width x 6.29in height Weight: 8oz. Read More

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Once before, we introduced a brand-new idea with a challenge: You wont believe your eyes. The book was Gallop!, the technology was... Scanimation-«, and the result was a bestseller. Now were back with another dazzling idea, and this time for the whole family: The book is Safari, it uses never-before-seen Photicular technology, and the result is breathtaking. Safari is a magical journey. Readers, as if on safari, encounter eight wild animals that come alive. Using an innovative lenticular-based technology, precision sliding lenses, and original four-color video imagery, each image is like a 3-D movie on the page, delivering a rich, fluid, immersive visual experience. The cheetah bounds. The gazelle leaps. The African elephant snaps its ears. The gorilla munches the leaves off a branch. Its mesmerizing, as visually immediate as a National Geographic or Animal Planet special. Accompanying the images is Safari, the guide: It begins with an evocative journal of a safari along the Mara River in Kenya and interweaves the history of safaris. Then for each animal there is a lively, informative essay and an at-a-glance list of important facts. Its the romance of being on safariand the almost visceral thrill of seeing the animals in motion in a book unlike any other. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 10/16/2012 Pages: 16 Reading Level: Age 4 and Up Author: Dan Kainen Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Dimensions: 8.5in length x 8.5in width x 2.5in height Weight: 31.50oz Read More

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From Sandra Boynton?as it could only come from Boynton?an inventive new exuberant jumble of a book for the young reader. Amazing C...ows is a picture book, a storybook, a book of fun and games?it?s all those things in one. Plus it even shows you how to find the startling recording of Maurice Ravel?s ?Bolero Completely Unraveled for Orchestra and Kazoos? performed by Sandra Boyton and The Highly Irritating Orchestra. (Running time is 17:14, but seems MUCH longer.) A work of pure obsession, Amazing Cows celebrates cows and offbeat cowness with a miscellany of cow stories, cow poems, cow jokes, and other bovine ephemera. Along the way, expect lively guest appearances by ducks, pigs, and excessive numbers of chickens. There?s a song: It Had to Be Moo. A game: Find the Hidden Cows. Famous Barnyard Composers (surely you?ve heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Moozart and Johann Sebastian Bockbockbock). Knock-knock jokes, a cow myth, and an Amazing Cow comic-book adventure: Trouble on Zebblor 7. Cow fashion. Cow Limericks. How to Speak Cow. Plus so much mooer. Amazing Cows is full-color, 96 pages long, and packed with the kind of silly fun that young readers adore, especially when they can read it to themselves?and then read it to their parents, and then to their little brothers, and then to the family dog. Or the family cow. Book Details:Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 11/25/2010 Pages: 96 Reading Level: Age 5 and Up Author: Sandra Boynton Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Dimensions: 10.02in length x 8.28in width x 0.51in height Weight: 21.6oz. Author: Sandra Boynton Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Dimensions: 7.99in length x 0.39in width x 9.99in height Weight: 13.59oz. Read More

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Summary: Its pure bottled magic! A complete kit that ingeniously marries science and fun in the breakthrough vein of The Bug Book ...and Bug Bottle (1.7 million copies in print) and The Bones Book and Skeleton (1.65 million copies in print), Pop Bottle Science presents 79 easy, hands-on experiments that probe the worlds of chemistry, physics, biology, geology, weather, the human body, and even astronomy. The Pop Bottle bottle is a perfect miniature science lab--see-through, flexible, air-tight when necessary, made out of a durable, shatter-proof plastic and designed with a removable top that doubles as a funnel. The Pop Bottle book is a lively, fully illustrated 96-page guide to astonishment. Each experiment begins with a challenge and ends with an explanation of the scientific principles involved. Kids can design a volcano and watch it erupt. Create a tornado-maker and see how twisters work. Make quicksand--is it solid or liquid? Observe photosynthesis in action. Simulate Jupiters giant red spot, investigate buoyancy, demonstrate inertia, and discover the Bernoulli principle--which allows planes to fly. Plus, turn the bottle into a barometer, a thermometer, walkie-talkie, trombone, compass--or groovy lava lamp. About the Author: ?Lynn Brunelle, a four-time Emmy Award?winning writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy, is the author of Pop Bottle Science and Camp Out!. She lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with her husband and two children. Author: LynnBrunelle Illustrator:0 Publisher:Workman Publishing Company Published Date:09/01/2004 ISBN:0761129804 #of pages:#N/A Author: Lynn Brunelle Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Dimensions: 2.63in length x 3.97in width x 8.03in height Weight: 12oz. Read More

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Mark Kurlansky, beloved author of the award-winning bestseller Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World, offers a new book for kids about whats happening to fish, the oceans, and our environment, and what, armed with knowledge, kids can do about it. Written by a master storyteller, World Without Fish connects all the dotsbiology, economics, evolution, politics, climate, history, culture, food, and nutritionin a way that kids can really understand. It describes how the fish we most commonly eat, including tuna, salmon, cod, and swordfish, could disappear within 50 years, and the domino effect it would haveoceans teeming with jellyfish and turning pinkish orange from algal blooms; seabirds disappearing, then reptiles, then mammals. It describes the back-and-forth dynamic of fishermen and scientists. It covers the effects of industrialized fishing, and how bottom-dragging nets are turning the ocean floor into a desert. The answer? Support sustainable fishing. World Without Fish tells kids exactly what they can do: Find out where those fish sticks come from. Tell your parents whats good to buy, and whats not. Ask the waiter if the fish on the menu is line-caught And follow simple rules: Use less plastic, and never eat endangered fish like bluefin tuna. Interwoven with the book is a full-color graphic novel. Each beautifully illustrated chapter opener links to form a larger fictional story that complements the text. Hand in hand, they create a Silent Spring for a new generation. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 4/1/2011 Pages: 192 Reading Level: Age 11 and Up Author: Mark Kurlansky Publisher: Workman Publishing Company Dimensions: 9.47in length x 7.28in width x 0.82in height Weight: 20oz. Read More

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A rocket, a launch system and a helicopter? Well almost! The Helicat from Estes is an exciting, radically-designed, high altitude ...rocket kit that comes with a launch system and a nose cone that helicopters down. What a sight to see! From the E2X series, this cool cat is a must have for your rocket colletction! When flown on Estes standard engines, the Helicat scratches up to 600 feet high and is so big, it takes two recovery systems to tame it. The sleek nose cone helipcopters down with bright orange retractable blades while the huge main rocket returns to earth on a colorful 18 parachute. Assembly takes 2 hours or less, making it a great choice for any beginner! Youll draw a crowd at the flying field when you blast this unique space cat into outer space. Minor assembly required. Building tools, finishing supplies, Estes engines and igniters required - sold separately. Recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12. ? Recommended Ages: 10 years and up Weight: 1.6 lb Read More

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Franklin Sports Marvel The Avengers Zap Attack Great outdoor fun, The Avengers Zap Attack will get you moving! Includes 2 paddles,... waterproof PVC ball and a foam ball. Perfect for ages 6 and up. Dimensions: 10.5in length x 2in width x 14.5in height Weight: 0.56lb Read More

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Zolo by Kushies Cha Cha Barbells Kids will feel strong and powerful with Zolo by Kushies Cha Cha Barbells. Made for easy grasping ...with a soft texture, it comes with an amusing bong sound effect that entertains and amuses kids. Each movement rewards kids with fun and cool sound effects. Why Youll Love It: Improve dexterity, tactile and visual stimulation and auditory development in a fun and play manner. Age: Kids of all ages Features Easily gripped by little hands Two soft easy-to-grip rattles Made in vibrant, fun colors Individual sound effects Lightweight and easy to hold Teaches kids cause and effect Dimensions:8.75in length x 4.5 in width x 4.5 in height Read More

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Breyer Secretariat - 1973 Triple Crown Champion Ask anyone to name the world?s most famous horse and the answer will most likely b...e Secretariat. His true story is still the stuff of legend. His astonishing 31-length victory in the Belmont Stakes, accomplished after winning the first two racing jewels in the Triple Crown, has yet to be repeated. In the Kentucky Derby, Secretariat set a speed record of 1:59 2/5, and he captured the Preakness Stake with ease. Secretariat was the son of Bold Ruler out of Something royal. Known as ?Big Red?, the large, beautifully conformed chestnut ran in the blue and white checkered colors of Meadow Stables. He made it on two ?Athletes of the Century? lists for his accomplishments and brought fame to those who surrounded him including trainer Lucien Lauren; jockey Ron Turcotte and the Chenery family who owned him. Even today, ?Big Red?s? star power still shines bright! Recommended Ages: 8 years - 18 years Dimensions: 14.75in length x 9.75in width x 4.5in height Read More

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EuroGraphics Da Vincis Mona Lisa -- 1000 pc. Mona Lisa, portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, is a Renaissa...nce oil portrait painted in the 16th century on a poplar panel. It is probably the most iconic and famous painting in the world. The womans facial expression is described as enigmatic. The original painting has been stolen from the Louvre and recovered. This puzzle features 1,000 easy-fit pieces that are unbreakable, made from recycled board and printed with vegetable-based ink. This superior quality puzzle will delight and educate all at the same time. Product Dimensions: 14.72 (L) x 10 (W) x 2.5 (H) Age: 9 years and up Recommended Ages:6 ? 15 Sustainable Materials: 100% recycled board and paper Read More

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Aurora Plush 12 Penny Penguin Flopsie. Aurora World is a premier manufacturer of gift plush, stuffed animals and soft toys. include: ?Realistic Styling ?Wonderful Gift Item ?Fine Plush Fabric ?Soft and Cuddly ?Leading manufacturer of plush Recommended Ages:3 ? 15 Dimensions: 6in length x 8in width x 11in height Read More

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Corolle Bebecorolle Bebepouce Corolle Bebecorolle Bebepouce is very soft for cuddling. Its a very adorable doll dressed in velour ...pajamas that can enchant kids. She has sparkling eyes and her face is infused with gentle vanilla fragrance. Why youll Love It: She has a soft vinyl face and hands that are soft and cuddly. Age: 6 months to 4 years Features Soft and lightweight Machine washable Styled in France Recommended Ages:1 ? 5 Dimensions: 7.5in length x 7in width x 10.5in height Product Dimensions (inches): 18.5 (L) x 11.8 (W) x 8.3 (H) Product Weight: 1 oz. Read More

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Educational Insights Design and Drill Take-Along Tool Kit Fuel construction creativity with Educational Insights Design and Drill ...Take-Along Tool Kit. This compact tool kit comes in a portable carrying case which doubles up as an activity board. Its equipped with 60 bolts in 5 vibrant colors, battery-operated screwdriver, 3 bits and activity guide with 10 patterns to provide additional color-matching challenge. Why Youll Love It: It develops cognitive abilities with pattern, shape and color recognition. Age: 3 years and up FeaturesMade of plastic Includes bolts, reversible electronic screwdriver, activity board and activity guide Handy and convenient, it comes in a carrying case Develops fine motor skills Required batteries: 3 AA batteries (not included) Recommended Ages:3 ? 7 Dimensions: 4in length x 10.5in width x 8in height Product Dimensions (inches): 10.7 (L) x 8.1 (W) x 3.9 (H) Product Weight: 1 oz. Read More

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These high-quality transparent stamps actually let you see where youre stamping for unparalleled results. The stamps feature handles that are perfectly sized for little hands. Children can stamp alphabet and number sequences, words, sentences and math equations. The set comes in a durable plastic storage case. It includes 42 magnetic jumbo-sized numbers and math symbols. Each number is 2 1/2 inches tall. Colors include red, blue, yellow, orange, green and magenta. It also includes a sturdy plastic storage tub. Product Dimensions (inches): 6.8 (L) x 7.5 (W) x 4.9 (H) Age: 3 years and up Read More

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Hot Dots® Jr. Card Sets Getting ready for school has never been this much fun! Each card set features 72 activities on 36 double-s...ided cards and teaches children all they need for academic success. Cards can be used alone as traditional flash cards, or when used with ?Ace??the Talking, Teaching Dog? (sold separately), fun lights and encouraging sounds guide children through the cute, colorful lessons. This set covers a variety of skills for complete school readiness. Grades Pre-K+/Ages 3+ EI-2353 Numbers and Counting Also teaches number words and sequencing The nitty-gritty: ? Double-sided cards measure 6L x 4H each and store in included cases that features handles for easy carrying Recommended Ages: 4 Years and Up Read More

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