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Workman Publishing Company
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Babies aren't always the sweet, gentle creatures they are perceived to be. Especially when books are involved. With Indestructible...sTM, however, babies and books can peacefully co-exist. These books are built for the way babies 'read': with their eyes as well as their hands and mouths! As the name suggests, these virtually indestructible and undeniably cute books are made from the same paper-like material used in shipping envelopes, which means it's 100% baby-proof: chew-proof, drool-proof, and rip-proof. Not only will these books resist tearing and gummy mouths, but they?re also completely washable! Made in China. Featuring energetic, colorful and beautiful paintings of classic nursery rhymes in exotic locales by Jonas Sickler, these simple and lovely books are completely visual and have no words throughout the story (they appear only on the back cover), which allows for plenty of imaginative storytelling from mom or dad. Indestructibles are intentionally wordless in order to encourage dialogic reading, or natural conversation, between parent and baby. Dialogic helps an infant develop early literacy skill such as phonological awareness, vocabulary and narrative skills. Set of five includes: ?- Frere Jacques?- Hickory Dickory Dock?- Old Macdonald Had a Farm?- Mary Had a Little Lamb- Humpty Dumpty To view a video of Indestructible books in action, click here! Read More

Workman Publishing Company
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Make no bones about it, the skeleton is the backbone of the human body (and another 173 bones besides). Your amateur anatomist wil...l learn their names from the clavicle to the zygomatic bone (that's the cheekbone), and how they go together (with more detail than just anklebone to shinbone). Included in this kit is a build-it-yourself skeleton with moving joints and an illustrated guide to the human skeleton to answer all your questions. Brand: WORKMAN PUBLISHING. Style Name: Workman Publishing 'The Bones Book' Skeleton Kit. Style Number: 798666. Manufacturer part number 14218 Book by Stephen CunbalBy Workman Publishing; imported Kids' Wear Read More

Workman Publishing Company
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From Sandra Boynton’as it could only come from Boynton’an inventive new exuberant jumble of a book for the young reader.... Amazing Cows is a picture book, a storybook, a book of fun and games’it’s all those things in one. Plus it even shows you how to find the startling recording of Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero Completely Unraveled for Orchestra and Kazoos” performed by Sandra Boyton & The Highly Irritating Orchestra. (Running time is 17:14, but seems MUCH longer.)A work of pure obsession, Amazing Cows celebrates cows and offbeat cowness with a miscellany of cow stories, cow poems, cow jokes, and other bovine ephemera. Along the way, expect lively guest appearances by ducks, pigs, and excessive numbers of chickens. There’s a song: It Had to Be Moo. A game: Find the Hidden Cows. Famous Barnyard Composers (surely you’ve heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Moozart and Johann Sebastian Bockbockbock). Knock-knock jokes, a cow myth, and an Amazing Cow comic-book adventure: Trouble on Zebblor 7. Cow fashion. Cow Limericks. How to Speak Cow. Plus so much mooer.Amazing Cows is full-color, 96 pages long, and packed with the kind of silly fun that young readers adore, especially when they can read it to themselves’and then read it to their parents, and then to their little brothers, and then to the family dog. Or the family cow.Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 11/25/2010Pages: 96Reading Level: Age 5 and Up Read More

Workman Publishing Company
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Kids are crazy about bugs! And kids and parents are crazy about the Bug Book & Bug Bottle. Packed with activities and packaged in ...its own collecting bottle, the original Bug Book is now revised, updated, and expanded: Announcing the almost-all-new, more-bugs-than-ever edition. The ingeniously designed, safe plastic bottle is perfect for catching and viewing creepy crawlies, then letting them go unharmed. (This is a bug kit with a conscience!) The full-color book provides field notes to 46 bugs (up from the original 24) arranged by habitat, including pond, forest, ground, leaves, field, flower. Written by entomologist Hugh Danks, the Bug Book gives comprehensive information about these fascinating creatures—how they live, what they eat, unusual characteristics, and more. It offers simple, clear guidelines on how to collect and care for bugs, and equally helpful hints on which bugs not to catch. New to the kit are a fold-out bug chart for quick identification, a magnifier to see the critters up close, and a bug explorer's journal to record discoveries. Discover how the whirligig beetle got its name, why fireflies light up, and how water striders walk on water. And then impress parents and friends—here are all the tools kids need to become bona fide bug experts.Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 5/1/2009Pages: 112 Read More

Workman Publishing Company
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Turn your hand into baby's favorite toy! BoBo Glove and Book is a rattle. It's a pull toy. It's a teether and a squeaker. And it a...lso comes with a book. It's a world of fun for baby at your fingertips—and it never needs a battery! The enchanting hand: babies can't get enough. They are endlessly fascinated by mommy and daddy's hands, and— aha!—The BoBo Glove is born. Specially designed with a palette of bright and beautiful colors to stimulate baby's sensory perception, the glove has noisemakers, pull-toys, shapes to identify, and rings to teethe on. Included is a board book: BoBo Baby!, a baby's first story about farm animals and the sounds they make. It's wearable anywhere, completely washable, and irresistibly cheerful.Book Details:Format: Cloth BookPublication Date: 10/22/2008Pages: 8Reading Level: Age 0 and Up Read More

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