Wonder Forge Super Friends Joker's Fun House Game

Calling all Super Friends?: The Joker is up to his usual tricks, and he must be stopped in this action packed game of teamwork and special powers! You and your friends will be using special powers like force fields, X-ray vision, or lightn...ing speed to capture The Joker before he escapes and wins!

The Joker Fun House Game

An active game packed with preschool play power!
Capture The Joker

Everyone will enjoy using their special powers and tools!
Fast -action and activity-filled
In this game of skill and teamwork, Superman?, The Flash, Green Lantern?, and Batman? team up, calling on their special powers- X-ray vision, lightning speed, force fields, and the Batarang? - to dodge The Joker and stop him in his tracks before he reaches the getaway car. The Fun House game board is super charged with preschool play power: a wacky rolling ball, secret messages, and a launching Batarang will draw young super heroes into the action!

How to play, snapshot!
Decide who will be The Joker and divide up Super Friends amongst the other players (even if there aren't four players, all the Super Friends are used in the game). Each Super Friend takes a turn and if you land on a Power space you may use your super power! Each move, the Super Friends try to stop The Joker in his tracks before he can reach the getaway. After all the Super Friends have gone, it's The Joker's turn. The Joker will get to either move closer to the GET-AWAY HATCH, drop the wacky ball to knock down one of the Super Friends, or pick out a movement card. The game ends if The Joker reaches the GET_AWAY HATCH, or if all four Super Friends reach the CAPTURE space!

Wonder Forge has won over 120 prestigious awards by offering good-for-you games that encourage teamwork, healthy competition, and get-up-and-go active play! The Joker Fun House Game follows this tradition by being the recipient of the 2012 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award and the 2012 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

What's In The Box?
1 Game Board, 1 Ramp, 5 Movers. 5 Mover Bases, 1 Wacky Ball, 1 Batarang Shooter, 1 Batman Batarang, 1 Green Lantern Force Field Blocker, 1 Superman X-Ray Vision Mask, 20 The Joker Movement Cards, 2 Spinners, 1 Game Rules Manual. The Joker Fun House game is intended for 2-5 players ages 4 and up.

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