Winning Moves Games Rubik's Cube 4x4

This Rubik?s Cube is bigger, better and more mind-boggling. Building on the classic 3x3? cube, this large model is 4x4? and requires some fun new twists and turns. Includes instruction booklet.

Rasta Imposta
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Includes: Cube costume. Does not include shirt, pants or shoes. This is an officially licensed Rubik ™s Cube costume.

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Rubik's Cube Costume, with 3D Cube Dress

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Rubik's Cube Costume with Headband, with Dress, Bag

Winning Moves Games
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The super Rubik's cube! The 4 x 4 requires different moves to solve it than the original 3 x 3 cube, and it's much more challengin...g! Contains: 1 - 4 x 4 Cube rubiks Read More

Winning Moves Games
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This Rubik's Cube 2 inch features a brand new mechanical design which allows for smoother and faster play. Also, unlike older, this new model features solid, color block cubes--NO STICKERS! Which means, no cheating! Take your best shot at scrambling then reordering this classic block puzzle for stress relief and fun. Read More

Hasbro Games
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Scramble the colored squares on this 3-inch by 3-inch puzzle cube. Then, twist, turn, and rotate to match up the colors again on a...ll nine sides! There are billions of potential combinations, but only one solution! Can you master the mysteries of the Rubik s Cube? Read More

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Find puzzles and solution games at! Give those rubik s cube masters a new challenge with the manley rubik's 4x4 brain t...easer. At first blush this looks just like the standard rubik s cube, but wait a minute. Yes! There are four rows and columns in this version, making it an amped up challenge that requires new moves and is extra difficult. Hours of fun are packed into this challenging new 4x4 cube. Suggested age 8 years and up. Read More

National Pen
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World-famous puzzle is a terrific way to promote themes like: solutions, puzzles, integration, innovation, engineering, excellence..., thinking, logic, challenges and more! The Rubik's logo appears on one panel of every cube as your assurance that you are getting the REAL Rubik's, not an inferior knock off. Original thicker wall construction (with plastic made from virgin ABS) and higher quality labeling will be noticed immediately. Imitations often weigh over 20% less. Read More

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Rubik's Cube Second Skin Costume, with Concealed Fly and Under Chin Opening

Winning Moves Games
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Find board games at! The winning moves rubik's the void cube is a challenging puzzle game that adds a new twist to the ...classic rubik's cube. In this 1-player brainteaser, you must rotate the pieces of the color cube until each side is uniform in color. The new twist is that the inside is hollow with holes you can see through. This fun game helps to improve problem solving and memory skills. Ages 8 and up. Read More

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Rubiks bring you this awesome Rubiks Cube Light. Not only is the Rubiks Light a retro-cool lamp, but it is also a working Rubiks C...ube. You can scramble and solve the Rubiks Light just like the original Cube, except this one glows! Plug it in and leave it on the side shining away or un-plug and play with it while it continues to gleam powered by a Usb rechargeable battery.The Rubiks Light is made of clear plastic with opaque stickers that keep the Rubiks look everyone loves, but allows maximum light to penetrate through from the internal LEDs. Bring glorious technicolor and light into your surroundings with this retro Rubiks light.the Rubik's Cube Light will allow you two hours playing time once fully charged. When not in use it can be mounted on a triangular base and connected directly to a power source using the Usb cable. Read More

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Based on the famous Rubik's Cube, the Rubik's Revolution offers six fast-paced electronic games packed in one cube with lights, so...und effects, and increased levels to keep you playing this gadget for hours. Rewarding fast hands and fast thinking, this electronic toy is recommended for all ages 5 and older. Read More

Winning Moves Games
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Billions of combinations, only one solution; the world's most famous puzzle is the still the best selling puzzle of all time. Whil...e it has 43 quintillion possible moves, it can be solved in incredibly few moves! Read More

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The 4x4 Dodecahedron Diamond puzzle cube is not your typical puzzle cube. In fact, it's not a cube at all! This rotational, mecha...nical brain teaser comes in the form of a Dodecahedron. There are 12 faces with a unique color each and 6 gold colored faces, each of which needs to be aligned to display only one color. For an extra challenge, mark the gold stickers according to their starting postion (e.g. mark all 4 gold stickers on one side with a '1' or an 'A', and all 4 gold stickers on the next side with a '2' or a 'B'). Then try to match all uniquely colored sides and also return all the gold faces to their original position! Truly bragworthy. Now available in a White or Black base color. Read More

The Game Factory
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Based on the classic "Rubik's Cube" puzzle of the 80's, this other worldly game will look like and play like no other game out Rubik's World is a collection of extremely addictive, easy to pick up puzzle games that increase in difficulty as the player delves deeper in this brave new world. But, these games are not mere mini-games, but serious puzzlers and brain teasers, offering the player an immersive experience whether it be for a few minutes or a few hours. Read More

Deluxe for Business
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(150 count) If you like solving the Rubik's Cube and are in need of pocket-sized flashlight, you have met your match. This Rubik's... Flashlight comes custom imprinted with your company logo and will have others interested in your new gift! Fits In All Your Pockets. Pocket-sized Rubik's Cube flashlight with three cubes Twist to Turn on. Twist upper or lower cube to light Imprint Method: Silk Screened Read More

Rasta Imposta
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This halloween you can dress up as everyone's favorite 3-d puzzle game

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Add a fun and comfortable seat to your classroom or daycare with these four child size cube seats. Colorful phthalatefree vinyl an...d polyurethane foam make these seats a comfortable and durable option for story time, class work, and more. Carrying... Read More

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