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Wiebe Carlson Associates Toys & Games

Wiebe Carlson Associates
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Contains the following 4 games: Budget Why not learn what it means to live by a budget? Before each trip around the game board, pl...ayers plan a budget and receive $2,000. They experience the realities of real-life economics, and if the budget projection is reasonably accurate, the player collects a bonus on payday! The winner is the player who has the greatest wealth at the end of play. For 2-4 players. Bank Account Bank Account is a realistic simulation with true-to-life money management demands. In Bank Account, players write checks, make deposits, keep accurate records, and reconcile accounts. Real-life transactions include paying medical, grocery, utility, legal, property tax, and other bills.. The winner is the first to build a bank account of $5,000. Checks, deposit slips and accounting forms are included. For 2-5 players. Decisions: A Stock Market Game What future earner will want to avoid investing in the stock market? Decisions is a money management game played in the context of the stock market. Players attempt to increase their wealth through strategic decision-making in buying and selling stocks. The emphasis is on accurate computation and record-keeping. Players build communication skills as they explain the reasons for every move. The winner is the player with the highest net worth. For 2-4 players. Grocery Cart Grocery Cart involves players in four important life skills: comparing grocery ads, making correct payment for purchases, keeping accurate financial records, and reconciling cash on hand with shopping records. The winner is the player who makes the best purchases, makes correct payments, and keeps accurate records. Two levels of play allow players in grades 4 and up to benefit. Eight grocery ads are included. Players are encouraged to substitute local ads to further increase realism. For 2-4 players. Read more Read More

Wiebe Carlson Associates
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Contains Build and Block Addition and Subtraction, Build and Block Multiplication and Division, and Build and Block Fractions and ...Decimals Read More

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