Wearwell Industrial Wearwell Wrist Strap And Cord For Esd Work Surface Mats

Wearwell Industrial
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An ideal Lab or Commercial mat, Tile-Top Select is designed for those facilities that need productive, comfortable employees, yet ...are on a budget. The durable marbleized surface is resistant to many common chemicals and cleaners and perfect for high-use areas. The comfortable Flex-Link sponge base is designed to prevent fatigue all day long. Tile-Top Select looks great anywhere and will keep your employees and your wallet happy. Test specifications and results are MVSS 302 Flammability (surface) - "A" rating. It has a flame spread of < 1.6 and is labeled self-extinguishing, MIL-P12420C Flammability (sponge) - Burned for 5 seconds, ASTM F1677 Coefficient of Friction - Dry: COF = .79, ASTM G21-96 (2002) Anti-Microbial - Passes, Federal Standard 191: 1000g, CS-17 wheel, 1000 revs Tabor Abrasion - .0250g lost (-.4 percent), Federal Standard 191: 1000g, CS-17 wheel, 2000 revs Tabor Abrasion - .5g lost (-.81 percent), Federal Standard 191: 1000g, CS-22 wheel, 1000 revs Tabor Abrasion - .7g lost (-1.1 percent), Federal Standard 191: 1000g, CS-22 wheel, 2000 revs Tabor Abrasion - 1.4g lost (-2.2 percent), ASTM D412 Tensile Strength - Longitudinal 1000 psi and Transverse 1000 psi, ASTM D412 Elongation Longitudinal - 110 percent and Transverse 100 percent, ASTM D412 Tear Strength - Longitudinal 14.3 lbs and Transverse 9.5 lbs, Wearwell Requirements Density (sponge) - > 16 lbs./ft (3), ASTM D395-98 Accelerated Compression - < 30 percent, ASTM D-1171 Ozone Resistance - Excellent: No change under 10x magnification, ASTM D1056 Temperature Range 0 to 110 degrees fahrenheit. Cleaning recommendations: Sweep regularly or dry mop the surface. These mats can be wet mopped with mild soap or detergent. For best results use a detergent like Ivory Liquid with a ph between 4.0 - 9.0. Read More

Wearwell Industrial
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R.S. Hughes carries a large selection of shapes and sizes to help best meet your specific applications. Width, length & height are... some of the more common measurements to consider. This product has a 2 ft width x 3 ft length. The Wearwell Tile-Top AM anti-fatigue mat is made of nitricell/pvc, is packaged 1 per case, comes in black and meets ASTM G 21-96, Federal Standard 191, MIL-P12420C, MVSS 302 standards. These types of items are designed for specific applications which feature ways of safeguarding & shielding itself and/or the user. This item is designed and manufactured such that it offers the following protection: Abrasion-Resistant, Antimicrobial, Chemical-Resistant. Read More

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