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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. produces films, TV shows, and music entertainment. Warner Bros. is a subsidiary of Time Warner and has headquarters in California and New York. Four brothers founded the company in 1918 as Warner Bros. Studios. The three eldest Warner brothers, Ha ... Read More rry, Albert, and Sam, began in the movie theater business, and opened their first theater in 1903. Warner Bros. is most popular for its movies, including Batman, Superman, Harry Potter, and The Hobbit. The company produces drama, comedy, action, adventure, suspense, and fantasy movies. Its TV shows air on Adult Swim, HBO, BBC, Cartoon Network, and CW TV. Warner Bros. also sells products based on its movies and television shows, including accessories, clothing, collectibles, costumes, home décor, toys, and games. The Warner Bros. 3 Pc Toddler Set Batman is a furniture set for kids; its foam cushions and polyester upholstery are safe for a kid’s room or play area. Warner Bros. also produces Scene It? Super Game Pack DVD – Warner Bros. TV 50th Anniversary Edition, which celebrates 50 years of popular Warner Bros. TV shows, such as Friends, Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, and The O.C.
Warner Bros.
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