Virbac Pet-Tabs Plus Af Advanced Formula 60 Tablets

Pet-Tabs Plus AF-Advanced Formula Chewable Tablets is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed especially for active and older dogs. Pet Tabs Plus AF is a balanced formula that gives your dog the specific nutrition they may be lacking in t...heir senior years. Pet Tabs Plus AF for dogs contains vital antioxidants, B vitamins, zinc, iron and more to help boost livelihood and longevity. Feed once daily for improved health, energy and vitality. Dosage for dogs under 20 lbs: 1/2 tablet daily. Over 20 Read More

Vets Plus
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Probios Plus Natural E Bovine One Gel provides a source of beneficial bacteria and natural Vitamin E for beef and dairy cows and c...alves. Probios Plus Natural E Gel contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms, plus 50 IU vitamin E per gram. Dosage for beef and dairy cattle: 5 gm for newborns, 10 gm for calves under 400 lbs., 15 gm for cattle over 400 lbs., 30 gm for dairy cows at freshening. Repeat as needed, particularly during times of stress. Dosing gun is required fo Read More

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Command G.I. Align is an incredibly unique probiotic formula with rapidly visible results. Within the first two weeks of use, you ...can expect to see positive changes in horses with diarrhea, poor appetite, unthriftiness, and weight loss. Command G.I.... Read More

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Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets for dogs and cats contain kaolin, pectin and Enterococcus faecium, a beneficial bacteria. Pro-...Pectalin Tablets are used to help resolve diarrhea caused by stress, antibiotic administration, change in diet, or other simple, non-life threatening forms of diarrhea. Its unique combination of ingredients helps safely stop diarrhea, soothe irritated intestines and restore the normal balance of intestinal bacteria. Give 1 per 20 lbs. body weight every 8 hours. Read More

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For use as a vitamin supplement containing Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B12. Administer orally on back of tongue.... Dosage for dairy and beef cattle is 10 ml. Dosage for sheep, goats and newborn calves is 5 ml. Read More

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Fortified Vitamin B Complex Oral Gel provides a supplemental source of thiamine, vitamin B12 and probiotics for goats, sheep, and ...calves. Supports a healthy appetite, digestion, and energy levels. Administer during kidding, vaccinating, post antibiotic therapy, and at weaning. Fortified Vitamin B Complex Oral Gel melts at body temperature, making it easy to administer. Provides 100 mg thiamine, 500 mcg vitamin B12, and 2.5 billion CFU probiotics per 5 ml dose. Give 5 ml per 100 lbs. body weight. Read More

Milk Products
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Provides a supplemental source of colostrum to calves, foals, goat kids, lambs, pigs, llamas, alpaca crias and puppies less than f...our days old. 40 grams globulin protein per 454 gm packet. Read More

Manna Pro
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Provides essential nutrients and amino acids to foster natural immunity in the first days of life. Mix 2 oz. into 1 cup warm water.... Feed 1/4 to 1/2 cup every four hours for 24 hours after birth. Read More

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FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement contains a special strain of probiotic that has been proven to promote intestinal health ...and balance. The live active cultures in FortiFlora are recommended for the dietary management of dogs with diarrhea. May help manage diarrhea caused by stress, boarding, diet change, consumption of inappropriate food, antibiotic therapy or soft stool in puppies. FortiFlora contains high levels of antioxidant vitamins A, E and C to promote a healthy immune system. Spr Read More

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Command Senior Vitality was developed to rapidly improve digestive stress in aging horses. Expect positive changes in horses with ...diarrhea, poor appetite, lethargy, weight loss, and unthrifty conditions. Command Senior Vitality was developed to improve... Read More

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All-natural vitamin E and selenium at proper levels for use in goats. Contains 500 IU vitamin E and 2.5 ppm selenium per 5 ml (max... level of selenium for goats is 3 ppm per animal). Dosage for newborn goats is 2 ml. Dosage for adult goats is 4 ml. Administer once every 30 days. Palatable butterscotch flavor in a gel base. Vitamin E Selenium Gel in a dial-a-dose tube is easy to administer. Read More

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