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Founded in 1975 in Sweden, Viking Toys makes safe plastic toys for toddlers and children. All Viking Toys follow the theme of transportation: cars, boats, trains, planes…you name it. The Viking City Two-Story Garage is an adorable unit that comes with six pieces of roadway ... Read More and three vehicles. Drive up and down the ramps, stop for fuel, or watch the helicopter land with this fun set designed for toddlers and children. The Viking City Road Set is a 32-piece set that includes 24 pieces of track, four road signs, and four vehicles. Put up stop signs and parking signs, then drive around and obey the rules! For kids with a love for water, the Viking Ferry Boat is the perfect toy. The ferry has working on and off ramps, a ferry operator, and an underneath storage compartment to transfer vehicles across the water. The Viking Ferry Boat floats in water, making bath time a treat. Take things to the sky with the Viking Super Chubbies Jumbo Jet. With soft wheels for easy landings, the jet features two propeller engines and plenty of room in the cockpit and cabin for the pilot and passengers.
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