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Since its beginnings in 1969, in North Carolina, Verbatim has been a trusted name in the technology and data-storage industry. With products such as storage CDs, DVDs, hard drives, and USB drives, Verbatim makes it easy to back up and store precious documents and memories. Verbat ... Read More im is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Mitsubishi. One of Verbatim's most popular products is the 700 MB LightScribe Color Recordable Discs CD-R. The package contains 25 discs ready to store data. The LightScribe technology allows users to burn custom labels directly to the disc, eliminating the need for a printer or hard-to-read handwritten labels. The discs come in five colors -- blue, orange, yellow, red, and green -- making organizing even easier. In addition to CD discs, Verbatim sells Blu-ray, DVD, and professional optical discs, as well as memory cards for cameras, video cameras, and cellphones available in a number of formats and capacities. Verbatim also carries computer accessories such as mice and keyboards.
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Verbatim Americas, LLC
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Verbatim Americas, LLC
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