USP Labs OxyElite Protein by USP Labs Chocolate

OxyElite Protein 2LB by USPLabs Vanilla Ice Cream Milk Chocolate Need a Solid Protein that has no BS in it? Oxyelite Protein by USPLabs has gone through a new standard of testing to ensure that your body gets what it needs! Oxyelite Protein... contains MPI, Milk Protein Isolate which has both Casein as well as whey within it. MPI provides both fast as well as slow digesting proteins, this way you get time released protein in your system as well as fast acting protein. Studies show that this combination leads to a higher nitrogen retention, greater lean gains as well as lean muscle impact. USPLabs has also taken their fantastic Oxyelite Protein to a higher level by adding 2 important ingredients: CLA, conjugated linoleic acid as well as medium chain triglycerides, MCT. These two essentials to your workout provide increased thermogenesis ad anti lipogenic in fat cells. Benefits: No Added Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup or Hydrogenated Fats Only 2 Grams of NET Carbohydrates Per Serving Caffeine & Stimulant Free Read More

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