Uglydoll Uglycorn - 15" by Uglydoll

Here in the Universe Unicorns are exceptionally rare (some claim non-existent but those people are boring) creatures who are a once-in-32-lifetime sights to see. In the Uglyverse they don't have any Unicorns (even the exciting people say so... there) but they do have Uglycorns. But Uglycorns aren't rare. They are special like all the creatures but their population is somewhere between Squirrels and Ants. However from the right angle and with the right lens (the blurry grainy one that all Bigfoot photographers use) you could probably get a picture with one and trick people into thinking it was a Unicorn. That would be pretty rude to the Uglycorn though. Just cause there is a bajillion of them doesn't mean they don't have feelings. Geez. GUND is known worldwide for its top quality soft and huggable plush designs and gift products. Award-winning GUND products appeal to all ages and are perfect for both play and collecting. Read More

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