U.S. DIVERS U.S. DIVERS Laguna Youth Standard Snorkel

This U.S. DIVERS® Laguna youth snorkel is designed to provide kiddos with an excellent below-the-surface experience every time. Pivot Dry™ and Dry-Top™ technologies ensure the snorkel's breathing tube is always clear of water, while an ergo...nomic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and provides added comfort. A built-in safety whistle is also provided. Get your new U.S. DIVERS® snorkel today from Sports Authority. Features Pivot Dry™ and Dry-Top™ technologies provide unobstructed airflow and easy-purge (clearing) capabilities Ergonomic silicone mouthpiece is designed to reduce jaw fatigue Flex section maximizes comfort and provides a perfect fit One-way water purge valve for easy clearing Read More

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