Twin Sisters Productions Twin Sisters Speechercise 2CD Set

gs and drills designed to help children improve pronunciation and articulation Kids practice skills most often recommended Speech-Language Pathologists! Songs and drills for fun, easy daily speech practice while making lasting changes overa...ll speech production ability. Speechercise was developed in consultation with M. Troy McClowry, a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Great practice for young children beginning to develop speech habits OR those who may Speechercise Level 1 Songs, skills, and strategies focus on mouth movements, basic vowel and consonant sounds, complex consonant-vowel transitions, and advanced word level strings.echercise Level 2: More songs, drills, and strategies designed to help children develop proper speech and articulation skills! Follow the workout leaders through musical exercises that target tongue and teeth placement; challenging beginning, middle, and ending consonant sounds; and more complex consonant-vowel transitions. Product Features BONUS! Both Music CDs includes a Parent Guide, Lyrics and Practice Worksheets?printable from your own computer. Targets include: f and v, s and z, ch and j, sh and s, th, l, r, and w. Read More

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