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Turtle Beach
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The DP11 delivers the Dolby surround sound advantage to PS3 gamers at an amazing value. Combining the DSS2 surround sound processo...r with the P11 amplified headset, the DP11 will immerse you in the game with a stunning 360-degree sound field. Featuring multiple EQ presets and adjustable surround sound angles, the DP11 lets you enhance subtle sound cues and customize the audio for any gaming situation. Experience superior sound quality and extreme comfort with its massive 50mm speakers and lightweight design. Separate volume controls provide personalized balancing of game and chat audio, and you can also use P11 headset as a stand-alone PC headset when you're not gaming on your PS3. If you're serious about gaming, then get serious about the sound. Step up to the DP11 and experience game audio like never before. Read More

Turtle Beach
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Ps4 Upgrade Kit TBS-0115-01

Turtle Beach
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The Ear Force P4c Chat Communicator improves your PlayStation 4 gaming experience, allowing you to communicate and strategize with... your teammates more accurately and more comfortably than a standard communicator. The P4c features a 40mm speaker for incoming chat and a unique slotted ear cup design that lets you hear external game sound and chat at the same time, so you'll never miss out on the game action. Read More

Turtle Beach
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The Ear Force PS4 Talkback Cable keeps gamers connected with friends and other players on PSN with the added ability to control volume and mute their mics. Plus, the included mic foam windscreen reduces ambient noise through your mic. This cable is necessary for existing Turtle Beach headsets that do not process chat via USB such as Xbox 360 and Bluetooth-compatible wireless headsets and is designed specifically for Turtle Beach headsets. Designed for PX5, PX4, XP500, XP400, X42, X41, XP300*, PX3*, X32*, X31*, Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tango, Call of Duty: Black Ops II X-Ray, Call of Duty: MW3 Delta, Call of Duty: MW3 Bravo *Requires RCA OUT (stereo) jacks on television or audio receiver for PS4 game audio. Turtle Beach Audio Advantage The PS4 Talkback Cable gives you control over chat volume and mic mute along with a noise-reducing foam mic windscreen. It is specifically designed for Turtle Beach headsets to connect your headset since most other available 3.5mm to 2. Read More

Turtle Beach
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How many times have you silently witnessed your teammate get taken out during an intense online battle because your headset failed...? How many times have you wished you could let your opponent know how great you are after unleashing an epic run from scrimmage for a game-winning touchdown? With this Turtle Beach Ear Force Talkback Cable, you'll be able to easily communicate with the gaming world with your compatible controller and headset. It's time to let your voice be heard and this cable is here to help. Utilizing the 2.5mm jacks on your Xbox 360 controller and compatible headset, this Turtle Beach Ear Force Talkback Cable lets you easily communicate with opponents, teammates and friends over Xbox Live. Adjust the incoming chat volume with the in-line control wheel, and make your voice heard when you want with the in-line microphone mute switch. Ensure only your voice is heard during gameplay with the microphone foam windscreen that helps reduce ambient noise. Get ready to be heard during your favorite online games with this Talkback Cable. Make sure you're heard on Xbox Live with this cable Read More

Turtle Beach
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When you're immersed in the world of your favorite games, sound quality means everything. Whether you're rocking out to an amazing... soundtrack, listening for the footsteps of an unsuspecting opponent or communicating with teammates on a raid, you need to be enveloped in crisp, detailed sound. Your favorite headset delivers the stunning clarity you've come to expect, but you also want to stay on the cutting edge of console technology. Enjoy arresting sound and chat with other players using this Headset Upgrade Kit for PlayStation 4. Continue to enjoy your existing Turtle Beach headset, including P11, X11 and X12 models, with your PlayStation 4. Experience high-quality digital audio with precise detail and stunning dynamics thanks to the digital-to-analog converter and digital optical cable. Take advantage of your headset's best features and functions, including independent game and chat volume controls, Dynamic Chat Boost, bass boost, microphone mute and microphone monitoring and more. Upgrade your favorite headset to experience brilliant audio and clear communication Color: Black. Read More

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