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Trace Minerals Research

Trace Minerals Research
$41.89 $33.51 at PureFormulas

Liquid Multi Vita-Mineral with ConcenTrace has been specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of MEN and WOMEN and contain...s over 90 nutrients for superior health. This great tasting liquid blend has been formulated with esential vitamins and minerals like calcium, B-complex vitamins, antioxidant vitamins, amino acids and more that allhelp to support prenatal nutrition, mature bone health, and increased energy and vitality. Then we supercharged the formula with over 72 ionic trace minerals from ConcenTrace. Read More

Trace Minerals Research
$34.99 $24.45 at LuckyVitamin

Trace Minerals Research - Cleanse Pak 14-Day Total Body Detox Kit - 28 Packets (14 -3 Tablet Packets 14 -0.28oz. [8g] Packets) Tra...ce Minerals Research Cleanse Pak 14-Day Total Body Detox Kit is a complete, 14-Day total body detox kit that is conveniently packaged in single-serving packets so you can take them anywhere! It contains 2 parts (Detox Purify and Clean Purge) for a complete cleanse of your entire body to help you maintain optimum health and wellness. Both parts are gluten free, certified vegan, and contain no known allergens. Trace Minerals Research Cleanse Pak 14-Day Total Body Detox Kit is gentle, easy, and convenient. Simply take Part 1 with food or at mealtime, then take Part 2 one hour later with a full glass of liquid. Part 1 - Detox Purify (3 Tablet Packets) Helps support healthy blood, liver, and kidney function Minerals and ionic trace minerals help support the body's pH balance Helps the body naturally filter out toxins and waste products Supports healthy digestion Helps relieve occasional constipation Stimulates the liver Over 72 naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals from ConcenTrace Notice: Do not use this product if you have abdominal pain or diarrhea. Consult a health care provider prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, have blockage of the bile ducts, acute gallbladder inflammation, intestinal blockage or kidney stones. Discontinue use in the event of diarrhea or watery stools. Do not exceed recommended dose. Not for prolonged use. Part 2 - Read More

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