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<DIV> Better for kids than television, these games possess a full share of educational virtues. They stretch the memory, improve l...anguage skills, exercise logic, and sharpen visual acumen-without being homework! The games magazine junior kids' big book of games spills over with eyeball benders, scrambled comics, riddle searches, logic defiers, memory tests, connect-the-dots, out-of-orders, mazes, crisscrosses, rebuses, and more. Grouped into five categories-Picture Puzzles; Word Play; Games & Trivia; Mystery, Logic & Numbers; and a special send-off section appropriately titled Big Bad Toughies-the collection challenges readers with over 125 games (answers included, of course). Ingeniously conceived and delightfully illustrated, the games magazine junior kids' big book of games promises entertainment for a year of rainy days or interminable drives in the car. And it proves, finally, that kids can never be too smart for their own good. Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club. Suitable for ages 6-12. 653,000 copies in print.</DIV> Read More

Workman Publishing Company
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<DIV>Kids love Bananagrams?so what better treat for kids who love puzzles and wordplay than a smart, just-for-them collection: <I>...Bananagrams! for Kids</I>.<br><br>Puzzability, the premier puzzle-writing company who wrote <I>The Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book!</I> and whose mind-benders have appeared in <I>Disney Adventures</I>, <I>Nickelodeon</I> magazine, <I>The New Yorker</I>, and <I>The New York Times</I>, creates original and unexpected word puzzles that capture the quick-on-your-feet spirit of Bananagrams. There are over a dozen of banana-themed varieties, including Bunched Up (a mini-crossword), Monkey in the Middle (building a larger word out of two smaller words, with clues), Banana Pancakes (a stack of anagrams using letters in common), and Going Bananas (complete a sentence with two different words made from the same letters).<br><br>What's invisible to kids is that behind the silly names and clever formats, these games have a strong educational side?they strengthen vocabulary, reward agile thinking, and reinforce the idea that using your brain is fun. The puzzles are rated in difficulty from one to four bananas, and an answer key is included.<br><br><br></DIV> Read More

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<DIV> It?s win-win for the whole family: Kids love puzzles?and parents love their kids to love puzzles. Now from Puzzability?the p...remier puzzle-writing company whose mind-benders have appeared regularly in <I>The New York Times</I> and <I>Disney Adventures</I>, and repeatedly in <I>The New Yorker</I> and <I>Martha Stewart Kids</I>?comes a rich, original, and entertaining category-killer of a book with over 250 puzzles on every imaginable theme and subject.<br><br> Fully illustrated in color, here is a bonanza of mazes, word games, visual and logic puzzles, and more. With a full range of difficulty, but all totally solvable, the puzzles are not meant to be tests. In fact they?re engaging and humorous, as fun to work on as they are satisfying to solve. In Gray Matter, readers first solve a short crossword, then use the letters in the puzzle to crack a riddle. Hot Lines involves matching kids to their clothing?based on tan lines. Flea Circuit is an unusual maze that you find your way out of by jumping around the page like a flea. A scavenger hunt runs through the book?solve every puzzle to amass the clues and earn the bound-in certificate of achievement. (Yes, the honor system applies.)</DIV> Read More

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<DIV>How do you follow a million-copy bestseller? With Hungry Hyenas, Puppy Snap, Game Warden, Little Fish, Brothers & Sisters. old favorites like Catch the Cat, Safari, Creature Feature, Woof, Gorilla War. And classics with a twist-Girl Power, Amazon, Feed the Kitty, Jungle Rummy. A new book from the author of the enormously successful <I>The Book of Cards for Kids</I>, with over 1.1 million copies in print, <I>Card Games for Little Kids</I> offers over 30 card games specially designed for the littlest members of the family. They-along with their siblings, friends, and parents-will delight in these extra-fun, extra-noisy games that require barking, roaring, shouting, slapping, and sometimes even jumping around like a monkey.<br><br>Packaged with the two-color illustrated book is a customized, oversized, four-color 40-card deck that features ten different animal "suits" of a mother, father, brother, and sister. The illustrations are bright and cheerful-skateboarding elephants, jump-roping rhinos, giraffes, tigers, and other animals-and all but irresistible. Deal 'em.</DIV> Read More

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<DIV>The thrill of double war. The excitement of shouting "Gin!" Every kid knows at least a handful of card classics, and every gr...own up kid remembers the fun of playing them. Now promising an abundance of entertainment for children and their families comes the first book to focus exclusively on card games for kids-and to be paired with an over-sized, custom-designed set of playing cards.From such favorites as Baby Snap, Go Fish, Concentration, and Blackjack to the less well-known Chase the Ace, Racing Demon, Smudge, and Frogs in the Pond, here are over 35 games for two to six players, plus Solitaire for a rainy day.Specially created for the book, the Kids' Card Deck is a brightly colored, big and bold pack of 54 cards based on the standard 52-card playing deck plus two jokers. Each suit is a different color to make it immediately distinguishable; numerals and letters are large and easy to read. Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club.Suitable for ages 4-9. Over 1.1 million copies in print.</DIV> Read More

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<DIV>Created by Natan Last, a senior at Brown University, three-time intern with Will Shortz, and in 2008 the youngest person to h...ave a puzzle published in the Sunday <I>New York Times</I>, <I>Word </I>kicks the crossword puzzle squarely into the 21st century for a new generation of puzzle-lovers, replacing fusty crossword-ese with hip cultural references, modern wordplay, and a lively mix of high-and low-brow pop trivia. A <I>Word</I> puzzle begins with the shared knowledge of a literate but not-so-reverent generation, and celebrates the knowingness with a deft touch. Your parents? crosswords make solvers feel smart. <I>Word</I> puzzles make solvers feel smart<I> and </I>cool, getting the references to <I>The Daily Show</I>, Mario Brothers, the Goo Goo Dolls, and a hefty dose of nostalgia (the name of the motel in <I>Psycho</I>). But they also know the core curriculum: Charlotte Bronte?s Jane, Roman generals, Berlioz and von Bismarck, Homer?and not just Homer Simpson.<BR /><BR />The puzzles are constructed with all the smarts of a daily <I>Times</I> crossword: themes, interconnected clues, titles that unlock the overall puzzle (solve all the clues and the circle letters will spell out a famous name at Hogwarts). Assisting Mr. Last is a group of five more top ?under 25? constructors, all of whom have published puzzles in <I>The New York Times</I>.</DIV> Read More

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