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Woodstock Chimes Educational Toys

Woodstock Chimes
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The Woodstock Percussion Chimalong XR is way better than the drums, because your little one gets to hit something, make noise, and... in the process might very well learn to play recognizable tunes. Actually, thanks to the included songbook, they can play by number or color, so there's a very good chance that you'll be enjoying classic childhood tunes pretty soon. The sturdy metal legs support a wooden base and metal chimalong. The chimalong is tuned to a C-major scale with an 11-note range and a removable music stand. About Woodstock Percussion There's a whole world full of affordable, fun and easy to play instruments out there, and Woodstock Percussion has been bringing them to market since 1979. By adding an element of fun and inspiration into people's lives, this family-owned business in the Hudson Valley of New York has turned a love of music and professional performing into a growing American venture that's been winning awards and helping people discover how much fun playing music can be. named this chimalong the Top Toy of 2008. Standing percussion toy for any child. Metal percussion tubes with wood and metal frame. Tuned to diatonic scale, with sturdy legs and music stand. Recommended for ages 3 to 6 years. Dimensions: 29L x 17W x 33H inches. Read More

Woodstock Chimes
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Little musicians will be thrilled to get their hands on this guitar sized just right for kids. Classically styled and featuring quality wood construction, the 1/4-size Kid's Wooden Guitar comes with nylon strings, guitar pick and illustrated songbook with instructions. Extra strings included. The reusable box with handle becomes a handy carrying case. With its superb sound, this is the perfect beginner's instrument to get kids excited about making music. 32Lx10.35Wx2.75D". Read More

Woodstock Chimes
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When making music is this much fun, little ones will keep coming back for years. An 8-note metallophone, the Chimalong Jr. is a pe...rfect learning instrument for little ones ready to explore the world of music. Including 2 mallets and an alternate B-flat tube, the Chimalong Jr. also comes with an easy-to-read songbook, which is color coded with numbers and traditional notation. Each Chimalong tube is precision-tuned to the same standards as the world famous Woodstock chimes and securely suspended in a safe rubber holder. The instrument?s soft, resonant sounds will delight children as they play from the songbook, pick out familiar melodies or just have fun improvising. Such notable musicians as Marilyn Horne, Andre Watts and John Sebastian recommend the Chimalong Jr. for musical quality and educational value. Imported. 16Lx13W?. Read More

Woodstock Chimes
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Buckwheat Zydeco. Queen Ida. Myron Floren. "Weird Al" Yankovic. Any child can join this illustrious group of (you guessed it) acco...rdion players. This kid-sized squeezebox has a truly authentic sound and two-octave range-a great introduction to the instrument. Comes with detailed playing instructions and eight easy-to-play songs. Ages 3 and up. 7Wx7Hx4D". Read More

Woodstock Chimes
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This sturdy metal harmonica holder frees up your hands so you can play a second instrument at the same time. Designed to work with... our Blues Band Harmonica (sold separately), it's a must for budding musicians. Read More

Woodstock Chimes
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A fun and easy to play instrument, the musical triangle is perfect for your child. Woodstock Percussion offers this wonderfully cr...afted nickel-plated steel triangle that will surely entertain your aspiring musician. Adding delightful accent to music, this instrument will help your child understand the fundamentals of rhythm. The musical triangle is perfect for beginning percussionists due to its ease of use. Simply strike any of the three sides to produce a beat or sweep inside edges for tremolo. This instrument will keep your little one occupied for hours. Woodstock Percussion believes that everyone is musical, but it takes the right instrument to expose that fact. That's why they have created almost 100 different instruments from origins all across the globe. Committed to assisting in the spread of musical education, this company has created detailed and accurately tuned instruments that can be enjoyed at any age. Read More

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