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Wiebe Carlson Associates Educational Toys

Wiebe Carlson Associates
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Wiebe Carlson Associates CRE4724 Five levels of play challenge students over a wide range of abilities. At level 1 players find of two single digit numbers to 'make ten. At level 5 players use any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, and square roots to make multiples of ten using three single digit numbers! High interest motivates students to advance to the next level. Read More

Wiebe Carlson Associates
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Wiebe Carlson Associates CRE4821 These two new double game sets feature fast moving, strategy rich fraction games that are just students need to build a firm foundation for successful work with fractions. Novices and masters alike benefit as they hone their skills with an understanding of fractions. Players build ability to scan numerous alternatives for matching spaces to spinner prompts. They build rows and corners of squares to score. Strategies abound to intensify learning Games have qualified for POWER LEARNING™ designation! Players match equivalent fractional numbers. Read More

Wiebe Carlson Associates
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Wiebe Carlson Associates WCA6301 Language Launchfor grades 5 and UpPrepare for liftoff! Bone up on grammar, parts of speech, punct...uation, word forms, idioms, paragraph correction, reading comprehension, sentence construction, vocabulary, spelling, and more! Three questions (grammar, vocabulary/reading, and writing) on each of 100 cards capture player interest with facts from science, proverbs, dialogues, humor, etc. The spin determines the question. Add fuel and move up a rocket with each correct answer. The winner is the first to fuel all three rockets. Four masters provide experience in editing sentences and paragraphs. Supports a multitude of state and national standards. For 2-4 player Read More

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