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White Mountain Puzzles Toy Vehicles

White Mountain Puzzles
$13.95 at Serious Puzzles

Artist: Mark Karvon World War 2 saw many new and fearsome war machines take to the sky. The age of fighter planes, long range bomb...ers, and flying fortresses had begun! Check out 11 of these mighty warplanes in this collage of scenes that highlights each aircraft against a familiar background. Each plane is also accompanied by it's name, original squadron, and where in the World at war it would have most likely been seen in active duty. White Mountain Puzzles Inc. is proud to manufacture their products here in the USA and call Jackson Village, NH – in the heart of the actual White Mountains – their home. Their puzzles are now printed on blue chip board; a thicker and more high quality material. This adds a comfortable heft to the pieces and provides additional sturdiness to keep your puzzles looking great for years to come. Read More

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