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This third entry in PopCap's pervasive puzzle series returns to the same match-three mechanic that made the first two games the to...p-selling titles on the computer platform. Choose from eight game types designed to test your gem-matching abilities in various ways. Quest mode, for example, has you completing 40 consecutive puzzles, while lightning mode has you racing against time to clear as many gems as possible. Read More

$9.99 at Target

Find video games at! Bejeweled 3 features eight exciting modes for endless gem-matching thrills. From classic-style gam...eplay to the high-octane Lightning mode, this game will take you on a highly addictive ride through 40 challenging jewel puzzles. When it's time to cool things down a bit, try out Zen mode for a relaxing style of gameplay that features sights, sounds and binaural beats. Unlock secret modes as you play for added challenges. Earn up to 65 badges to prove your skills as you mine your way through the most sparkling Bejeweled game to date. This game was Pre-Owned. Any offers, bonus content and online play may not be available with the... Read More

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