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Warner Bros. Nintendo DS

Warner Bros.
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Playing as the mischievous Max, players will explore the Wild Things' mysterious island, journeying over dangerous terrain, fierce creatures and interacting with the fearsome but loveable Wild Things. Through your adventure, you'll befriend and team up with the Wild Things - each with their own unique skills or special talents - learning valuable new abilities, working together to solve action puzzles, overcoming obstacles and have a rumpus of a good time! Following a unique storyline inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, the game will take players on a journey beyond the movie to explore the mysterious island of the Wild Things on an adventurey that you'll never forget. Read More

Warner Bros.
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Inspired by 2011's computer-animated film, Happy Feet Two features cooperative dance showdowns as well as belly-sliding races the ice and snow. Penguin nation is facing the threat of extinction, so its members must band together to ensure their species' survival. Part of the game involves recruiting other penguins into the fold, which means winning them over with the power of rhythmic dance. Read More

Warner Bros.
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