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PopCap PlayStation 3 Games

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SynopsisA massive horde of fun-loving zombies has just jumped the fence at the edge of your yard, slowly creeping toward your hous...e. There's only one thing that stands between these brain-eating monsters getting to your own pink, healthy brain your garden. It seems like an unlikely army, but it's all you've got. Use your leafy arsenal to zap these zombies and defend your home as the Plants vs. Zombies invades your PlayStation 3. With new multiplayer action for PlayStation 3, Plants vs. Zombies will have you fighting alongside a pal to fight the zombies, taking on challenges and even going wall-nut bowling in Co-op mode. During Versus gameplay, choose to play as plants or zombies and challenge your friend as the opposing force. A vast collection of 21 frighteningly fun mini games ups the undead action for even more replayability. After you've taught those zombies about the power of horticulture, take on exciting new challenges in two included bonus games, Peggle and Heavy Weapon, and keep the action going. Read More

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Light winks off of a jewel three columns over from the right. You didn't see it before, but now you've got victory in your sights,... and the whole wall of beautiful gems is coming down at you. Match up the gems to advance through the levels and show off your puzzle-solving prowess. With eight ways to play, you're sure to get caught up in the gem-matching fun. Bejeweled 3 is about to bedazzle your PlayStation 3 with eight exciting modes for endless gem-matching fun. From classic-style gameplay to the high-octane Lightning mode, this game offers the right type of play for any occasion or skill level. Feeling adventurous? Let Quest mode take you on a ride through 40 challenging puzzles set up as an explorative journey. When it's time to cool things down a bit, try out Zen mode for a relaxing style of gameplay that features calming sights and sounds. Get ready for high-carat thrills and a glittering good time as you mine your way through the most sparkling Bejeweled game to date. Read More

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