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Lucas Arts
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Set in the dark times between Episodes III and IV, the story is both a continuation of the prequel trilogy -- exploring the afterm...ath of Order 66, which called for the immediate execution of all Jedi, and focusing on the continued rise of Darth Vader -- and a direct bridge to the Original Trilogy. The Force Unleashed will forever change the fate of the Galaxy and explain key plot points that directly lead into events in Star Wars: A New Hope. Read More

Electronic Arts
$16.90 $29.99 at Sears

Take to the sky to lead the resistance against Morcubus and his drone army and to stop his plans to take over the skyways. MySims ...SkyHeroes is an all new adventure that brings the thrill and high speed action of flying to the creative, immersive world of MySims. Read More

$19.99 $39.99 at Sears

BATTLESHIP the videogame unfolds across the seas and over land as our planet fights for survival against a superior force. As Cole... Mathis, the U.S. naval fleet's Boots on the Ground, you must prove yourself worthy as an elite soldier and help defeat the enemy. Find your inner solider and stop the alien threat before it's too late! Read More

Turtle Beach
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Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Headset: Adjust your mic boom so it's right where you want it to converse with others during intense firefights. Use the bass boost for powerful sound during action-heavy moments. Read More

Turtle Beach
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The Turtle Beach Ear Force Headset is designed for Sony PlayStation 3 gamers who seek a more immersive in-game experience. Unlike ...many basic communicator headsets that let you hear chat in one ear only, this Turtle Beach headset for PS3 consoles combines high-fidelity, amplified stereo game audio and clear communication in a sleek and compact design. This USB headset for PlayStation features independent game and chat volume controls. Sound-isolating ear cushions on this Turtle Beach headset for PS3 allow you to personalize the audio and block out distractions while gaming, if needed. This Turtle Beach Ear Force Headset features a bass boost function that gives you realistic game sound effects. Designed for use at home or on the go, the Turtle Beach headset for PS3 game consoles has a USB-powered design that makes it easy to use with almost any device with a USB port. The microphone monitor on this USB Headset for PlayStation is useful for multiple purposes in addition to gaming. Read More

$29.99 $39.99 at Target

Find video games at! Evil is in its prime. Twenty years have passed since the prime evils were defeated and banished the world of sanctuary. Now, you must return to where it all began, the town of tristram - and investigate rumors of a fallen star, for this is an omen that the end times have begun. Call upon your allies- play solo or form a party of up to four heroes - either with local players together on the same screen or network players online (or mix and match). Pick up and slay - take a stand as one of humanity's last defenders, barbarian, witch doctor, monk, demon hunter, or wizard - and level up with devastating new powers and abilities.... Read More

$14.99 $26.99 at Target

Find video games at! Pictionary ultimate edition is a new, high-tech version of the classic game of quick sketches and ...crazy guesses. The game features new clues and modes exclusively created for the udraw gametablet for xbox 360 and ps3 platforms. in pictionary ultimate edition, players will enjoy an hd experience complete with four thrilling game modes, intuitive touch screen gestures, and customizable pictionary man game pieces. packed with new features including vibrant gameplay environments and an all-new 3-d pictionary board, this game offers players countless ways to play and endless hours of entertainment. ... Read More

$19.98 $39.99 at Target

Find video games at! Eyepet is coming to your house...and, this time, he's bringing a friend. Using the playstationeye and playstationmove motion controller, you'll play with and nurture multiple eyepets for endless hours of mischievous fun. use up to two playstationmove motion controllers to play with two eyepets at once teach your pets to perform tricks, or play all new game challenges and activities. get messy with your eyepets in the creativity center, where you'll design brand new toys, custom outfits and share your creations with friends online. everything you and your eyepet do... Read More

Deep Silver
$22.99 $34.99 at Bestbuy

You love sitting back and watching a race. You know that every tiny maneuver has a purpose and that you fought for every foot of a...dvantage gained. The thrill of amazing speeds and screaming engines is in your blood, and every single Saturday, it pumps through your veins. When it's NASCAR season, you watch your favorite drivers build their legacy one race at a time with avid interest. Well, it's time to take the wheel into your own hands. Experience that thrill for yourself, join the ranks of NASCAR legends and finally satisfy your unquenchable thirst for an open throttle and a track full of competition. Pick up your controller and dive into the thrilling motor sports racing universe in NASCAR '14. As you watch the NASCAR season unfold, take the wheel from your favorite driver in NASCAR Highlights and experience races with identical conditions the cars are the same, the weather is the same and the tracks are the same. The only difference is you so you know that only your talent on the course can change the outcome. Dive into Career mode and build your own legacy by crafting custom cars, acquiring sponsors and engaging in RandD that can ultimately result in your team in the victory lane. With official NASCAR teams and tracks, you can experience the high banks of Daytona, the twists and turns of Sonoma and the screaming-fast speeds of Talladega as you race against drivers you recognize for a realistic experience that will get your heart pounding. Or see who has what it takes among your friends by hosting an online league with dynamic statistics, rankings and replay. Online multiplayer features dynamic skill-based matchmaking, tournaments and easy drop-in/drop-out server browser functionality for an easy, enjoyable experience that lets you truly test your talent. You love watching the races unfold take the wheel experience it for yourself. Read More

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