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505 Games Nintendo DS Games

505 Games
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Based on the major motion picture from Dreamworks Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. The dogs have run amok and now it?s up to you t...o keep them from the pesky dogcatcher. You must clean them, feed them, and play with them or else you?ll all end up in the doghouse. Read More

505 Games
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505 Games My Pet Chimp (Nintendo DS)

505 Games
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505 Games World Championship Spelling (Nintendo DS)

505 Games
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Dolphin Discovery invites kids to plunge into training and caring for one of the most awe-inspiring animals in the ocean. Players ...need to earn the trust of their pet dolphin in order to teach them amazing tricks by using the DS Stylus. Mastering a wide selection of tricks will fully prepare their dolphin for performing in front of huge crowds of appreciative spectators. The game features realistic scenery that changes with the time of day, offering clear blue skies, spectacular sunsets and dreamy night views. Read More

505 Games
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Jump into the hippity hoppity world of Universal Pictures' live action/CG-animated comedy, HOP! Play as Fred as you help E.B. save... Easter from a fluffy coup d'etat led by Carlos and his fellow chick workers! Hop your way through the Easter Bunny's top secret candy factory on Easter Island, solve puzzles and sugarshock your enemies as you turn them into delicious chocolate treats. Filled with a collection of mouth-watering mini-games, this action adventure puzzle game is big enough to stuff in any Easter basket. Read More

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