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Delivering players into a virtual arcade packed with landmark hits from the past, Namco Museum DS lets players enjoy each game way, choosing from a number of different screen configurations and fun settings such as sound tests and secrets for each game. Players can also wirelessly send demo versions of each game in Namco Museum DS to others, sharing the arcade fun with friends and family using only one game card. Read More

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THUNDERCATS HO!After generations of prosperity and peace, Thundera has fallen into despair. The once proud nation was led into rui...n by the Lizard army and its leader, the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra, as well as Grune the Destroyer. Few Thunderians survived the attack, but those who did formed together to find a way to stop the army's reign of terror and end Mumm-Ra once and for all. The ThunderCats' leader is the young heir to the Thundera throne. With his powerful Sword of Omens, he fights through the Lizard army, calling upon his companions and his sword for assistance. But does the cub have what it takes to salvage the honor of his nation? Read More

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