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Mad Catz Xbox 360

Mad Catz
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SynopsisWar is born on land but in modern times, it is won in the air, on the wings of combat aircraft. From the surprise attack o...n Pearl Harbor to the fierce battle of Iwo Jima, the fight for the Western Theater in World War II was determined by the fighters and bombers manned by fearless pilots. Would you have shown the unwavering courage under fire to devastate enemy aircraft, sink carriers and make perilous emergency landings in the name of your country? Discover if you truly have what it takes to be a wartime hero as you take to the skies in Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII. More than 30 incredibly detailed, historically accurate World War II aircraft, including the indomitable Hellcat, feared Zero and even never-before-flown prototypes, are yours to control as some of the most high-stakes aerial battles of the Second World War are reconstructed right in your living room. Master challenging aspects of aircraft warfare as you launch into action over the beautiful islands of the Pacific. More than 20 multi-objective missions dare you to put everything on the line as you take on enemy aircraft. Complete your tasks, and you'll unlock new planes, upgrades and Achievements to enhance your campaign. Execute strikes with perfect timing and positioning to devastate up to seven enemy fliers in deathmatch-style dogfights on Xbox LIVE, or compete to be the last plane flying in Survivor mode. Recruit your own squadron of allies to perform missions or battle opponents in tandem. How will you rewrite the history of aerial warfare? Read More

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