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Konami Nintendo DS

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Miami Law is an action-adventure game worthy of its own prime-time TV show. It?s got all the ingredients: a storyline with a shado...wy terrorist conspiracy, furious shoot-outs in abandoned warehouses, challenging crime-scene detective work, and more! You can switch between two main characters: the intense Law Martin from the Miami PD or the brainy Sara Starling from the FBI. Events will unfold differently, depending on who you pick. If you can?t foil the conspiracy and save Miami, the nation, and the world, nobody can.Features include: -A story worthy of a TV series: A shadowy terrorist conspiracy involving revolution, nerve gas, a time bomb, and even a takeover of a US Navy missile cruiser -Action and crime-scene investigation: Survive event sequences such as furious shoot-outs in abandoned warehouses or tax your brain with analyzing mysterious evidence-Choose your character and change the story: Pick from Law Martin and his action-oriented event sequences or Sara Starling and her puzzle-solving challenges-Unlockable extras: Once you complete the game, you?ll unlock several additional games and event sequences-50+ event sequences (mini-games) Read More

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