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CTA Digital PlayStation 3

CTA Digital
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The U.S. Army Elite Force Assault Rifle designed by CTA Digital for PlayStation 3 & Move compatible games is the ultimate weapon f...or realistic battlefield combat. This unique rifle controller, modeled after actual military equipment has every button featured on a standard PS3 Dualshock controller, including clickable thumb sticks for strafing, running, steadying your weapon and looking around within the game environment. It also includes a rumble effect similar to the PS3 Dualshock. To sync wirelessly, all you need to do is plug the USB antenna into the console and press the home button on the Assault Rifle. That's it! Perfect for titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, or Battlefield 3 with the R1 button mapped to the trigger. Using the U.S. Army Elite Force Assault Rifle Controller from CTA Digital, there's no need to toggle back to your standard PS3 controller. Read More

CTA Digital
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Communicate with precision and style while gaming on the PlayStation 3. Our unique headset uses a throat microphone, which is sens...itive enough to pick up whispers, yet clear enough for everyone to hear you in the game environment. This works great in a situation where one has to keep quiet while communicating with others at a distance such as during a covert tactical operation, which is perfect for first person shooting games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. With an in-ear speaker you are able to hear the other players clearly and distinctly. This style of headset is superior to traditional over the ear style headsets because of the accuracy and comfort this headset provides. We include an extra long 20 foot cord, so you have never to charge batteries, sync or sit closer to your screen than you usually would, giving your the freedom you need to game with confidence. Read More

CTA Digital
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Your PlayStation 3 Slim has provided hours of exciting, immersive entertainment. You've battled creatures from other worlds, fough...t alongside fellow comrades, sped across the finish line and more. So it's important that you take care of your console and do your best to prevent damage. After all, you'd soon be reaching uncharted boredom territories without it. The Horizontal Cooling Power Station utilizes two built-in cooling fans to keep airflow to your console at an optimal level. With the power save mode and TempSense technology, you can rest assured that your PlayStation 3 Slim is staying cool enough without wasting power. The Station's horizontal design makes it simple to store your console in limited spaces, so you can easily keep things organized. Three ports allow you to charge controllers and more, right from the USB hub. With this Cooling Power Station, you can not only power up other devices and enjoy easy storage, but you're also able to take care of your console to ensure many more hours of gaming adventures. Cool your console, charge devices and enjoy easy storage Read More

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