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The figurines in the Safari Ltd Exotic Minis Fun Pack are fun for everyone and make great gifts at parties, classroom rewards, or ...emergency toys. This 8-pack includes an orangutan, meerkat, panda, zebra, cheetah, koala with babies, kangaroo, chimp.... read more

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Though the smallest subspecies of gorilla, Lowland Gorillas are still large and powerful. They live in the forests and lowland swa...mps of central Africa. Mothers give birth about once every 5 years. By the time babies are 3 months old, they can crawl... read more

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Wallabies are adorable pint-sized kangaroos that can be found all over Australia and parts of New Guinea. Like most marsupials, wallabies are known as joeys. As browsers, they feed on leaves, shoots, fruits, and plants. This figurine is part of... read more

Safari Ltd

When an African elephant is born, it must learn to use its trunk as an extra hand to pick up toys, scratch with, drink with, and m...uch more. The Wild Safari Wildlife series was designed for the hands of the smaller child. Each figure is finely hand... read more

Safari Ltd

This Orangutan with Baby gives you a good look at its immense arm span, which allows it to spend most of its time in the trees of ...Borneo and Sumatra. Our Orangutan figurine is part of the Wild Safari Wildlife Collection, which includes some of the most... read more

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Female giraffes will only give birth to one calf at a time, and sometimes prefer the company of other mothering giraffes, which he...lps protect their calves from predators. In Africa, poachers are a bigger threat to wild giraffes than lions. This... read more

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Woolly Mammoth's were some of the largest land-mammals to have ever lived. Larger than modern-day elephants, these creatures were ...very social. They lived in matriarchal family groups that protected their young. Safari Ltd's Woolly Mammoth Baby is part... read more

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