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Talicor Educational Toys

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Talicor Thumball Numbers Panels Talicor Thumball Numbers Panels features numbers from 1 to 10. Kids can respond to the panel under... their thumb while adults guide them with multi-step directions to learn more. Why Youll Love It: Talicor Thumball Numbers Panels ball improves recognition and number identification skills. Age: 3 years and up FeaturesMulti-colored play ball Educational and fun Great for group learning Easy to lift and throw Recommended Ages:3 ? 8 Product Dimensions (inches): 7 (L) x 6.3 (W) x 5.7 (H) Product Weight: 1 oz. Read More

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Talicor Thumball Shapes Use Talicor Thumball Shapes to teach children how to identify shapes, describe features and prompt them to... identify objects. When the thumball is tossed and thrown, children react to the concept on the panel under their thumb. The thumball features shapes and encourages young players to learn shapes, colors, spelling, prefixes, contractions and much more. This educational toy develops visual perception and coordination skills. Why Youll Love It: Children can identify shapes and colors better. Age: 3 to 8 years FeaturesPromotes learning in a fun way Great for group learning Improves eye-hand coordination Enhances communication skills Stimulates imagination Develops visual perception and shape recognition Recommended Ages:3 ? 8 Product Dimensions (inches): 6.9 (L) x 6.5 (W) x 5.9 (H) Product Weight: 4.8 oz. Read More

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Kids love to play games that are fast-paced, quick-to-grasp, lively, and yes, competitive. We've captured all those traits, wrappe...d them into a simple concept and snuck in a healthy dose of They're all a blast to play over and over again and are much better alternative to flash cards. Each game features a set of problem and answer cards. Players need to be the first to match the correct answer card to the problem card that is turned over. To win, you must think quickly, match faster and capture as many card pairs as possible. Ages 7 and Up, 2 to 6 Players Read More

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