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Ravensburger Arts & Crafts

$17.95 at Serious Puzzles

Ravensburger has been in the puzzle business for over 125 years. Their jigsaws feature - "Soft-Click Technology" (correct pieces m...ake a soft, audible click as they snap into place) - Unique puzzle pieces (piece shape is hand-drawn and precisely cut specially designed tools) - Puzzleboard that is sturdy and reliable and made from recycled materials. Read More

$17.95 at Ebeanstalk

The age-appropriate materials appeal to their curiosity, while encouraging the development of fine motor skills, concentration and... self confidence as they play. Pop a sheet of paper between the drawing frame and the template, and you are ready to draw around the shapes. Turn the stencil inside the base tray and draw again ... Each stencil is marked with 16 arrows, which allows you to rotate the stencil inside the frame one sixteenth of a rotation. This unique mechanism helps you to create some lovely symmetrical designs. Once you've finished drawing, then colour the designs in and you have it - a finished mandala design! You can even cut around the design and use your unique mandalas to decorate anything from placemats, photo frames and gift boxes to book covers and party favours. With an infinite number of possible designs that can be created, Mandala-Designer will accompany your child on a brightly coloured journey of imagination and creation. The classic design includes many geometric shapes including circles, diamonds, ovals and half moons. Read More

$24.99 at Ebeanstalk

Design beautiful outdoor mandalas. What could be more fun than coloring on a sunny day? -With the super-sized Mandala-Designer, yo...u'll be an amazing street artist, sketching beautiful designs on any paved surface. -Includes 2 Large Mandala Stencils, 6 Colored Chalks, Detailed Instructions. -Product Dimensions: 13 x 11.5 x 3 inches Developmental Skills: Read More

$9.99 at Amazon

Getting creative could not be easier! Aquarelle is a brand new watercolor craft concept, which is simple yet extremely effective. ...The technique helps you create perfect works of art - every time. The watercolor canvas is pre-printed with a thin white wax outline, which acts as a guide for the picture and prevents the colors from "running". Once you've completed your design, the wax design becomes a perfect white outline, showing all the detail in your painting. The unique liquid watercolor ink allows you to mix just about any color you can dream of. Either the follow the color guide included in the box, or if you are feeling really creative, you can always mix up your own blend of colors. ? Winner of Best Creative Product at Olympia Toy Fair 2012 ? Unique printed boards ensure image outlines remain "clean" to give that special watercolor "look" ? Mix the inks following the color chart, or invent your own for even greater creativity Read More

$13.99 at Amazon

Can you make a paperclip float? What are magnetic fields? How does a compass work? These astonishing activities will reveal the fa...scinating world of magnetism. Success is guaranteed as you discover the power of this invisible force! Read More

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