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Random House
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<b>More than two hundred animal puzzles, games, and activities for kids who love the Magic Tree House books!</b><br> <b> </b><br> ...Take a walk on the wild side with Magic Tree House® animal activities! From cobras to koalas to emperor penguins, Jack and Annie have met all kinds of animals on their adventures. Now you can test your animal awareness and Magic Tree House® mastery with this flock of fantastic activities. Includes Tic-Cat-Toe, A Perfect Time for Riddles, Marsupial Maze, Crazy Critter Charades, Which Animal Are You?, and much more.<br>  <br> Have more fun with Jack and Annie on the Magic Tree House® website at Read More

Random House
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Dear People Who Are Puzzled . . .<br>Ha! That was a little puzzle joke by me! JUNIE B. JONES! On account of this is my very own PU...ZZLE BOOK! And it is full of games and puzzles about me, me, me . . . for Y-O-U! I am excellent at games and puzzles. But some of these are stumpers, I tell you! And stumpers make my brain explode (kaboom!). This book has: * mazes (starring me!) * connect-the-dots * triangle puzzles * tangles * secret codes * coloring activities *creative-writing activities * and also, word games!!!!! And so quick! Grab a pencil and start puzzling yourself! Have fun!<br>Your friend, Junie B., Puzzler Read More

Random House
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50 word searches shaped like the map of each state!! Learning about the USA is a game for kids with these entertaining puzzles. T...hey introduce each state from Alabama to Wyoming, and the word list includes all things state-related. Plus there are 20 factoids about each state, including the capital, the biggest city, nicknames and mottos; state birds, flowers, and trees; famous natives, and other great stuff. For Alaska, keen-eyed youngsters will have to find McKinley (the highest point); Iditarod, for the dogsled race that takes place there; and Glaciers. Sunny Florida challenges young solvers to uncover the Everglades, Daytona Raceway, Kennedy Space Center, and Walt Disney World. Illinois is the Land of Lincoln, the Chicago Bulls, and the birthplace of jazz great Miles Davis. The facts are fantastic, child-friendly, and easy to remember. (It will probably even help them remember their geography lessons! But shhh?keep it a secret and the kids will never know.)<br><br>These puzzles are the best trip across the US a kid can take?without a car! Read More

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