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Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are an educational tool that can entertain your child while improving her problem-solving and language skills. For the best fit, look for puzzles on topics that interest her and that are appropriate for her age and ability.
Milton Bradley
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Word lovers unite - Hasbro Games has just upped the ante with a modern twist on a classic game in Scrabble Upwords . For any Scrab...ble player who has dreamed of advancing and changing the game with stackable letter tiles, this one's for you. A game of stackable proportions, this is Scrabble in 3D. Scrabble is a word game in which players score points by formulating words from individual lettered tiles on a grid game board. Words can go down or across in crossword style fashion. With this 3D stacking twist, players spell words with stackable letter tiles to score points. Instead of simply across or down, pile letters on top of letters that are already established on the board to form new words. With double, triple, quadruple the point scoring opportunity of classic Scrabble, players score points for each letter in their word and every letter tile under each letter of their word. Stack letters up to five tiles high for ultimate gain. Scrabble Upwords is unique, challenging, and fun. Read More

$19.49 at Target

Word lovers unite - Hasbro Games has just upped the ante with a modern twist on a classic game in Scrabble Upwords . For any Scrab...ble player who has dreamed of advancing and changing the game with stackable letter tiles, this one's for you. A game of... Read More

$7.06 at Walmart

Platform: WINDOWS & MACINTOSH Publisher: SELECTSOFT PUBLISHING Packaging: JEWEL CASE Rating: EVERYONE Exercise Your Bible Vocabula...ry! Enjoy hundreds of Bible-themed fill-in crosswords based on the people places and stories of the Bible! It s a fun and entertaining way to use your Bible vocabulary! Over 3100 words! Plus High Scores Music and Sound Effects! LevelsBeat the clock to move on to the next puzzle TimedHow fast are your solving skills?RelaxedSolve puzzles at your own pace System Requirements for Windows Windows Vista XPPentium III 500 MHz or faster processor (1.2 GHz recommended)64 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)5 MB free hard-disk space8 MB video cardDirectX 9.0b or higherWindows-compatible sound card & speakers800x600 monitor 16-bit color8X CD-ROM or DVD drive System Requirements for Macintosh Mac OS 10.3 and aboveG3 300 MHz or faster or Intel processor64 MB RAM25 MB free hard disk space Read More

$19.49 at Target

Find Board Games at! Get rid of your mobile word game apps and play the original game of Scrabble with family and frien...ds. Scrabble is the classic board game from Parker Brothers that combines spelling skills, vocabulary and strategy for hours of across-the-board fun. This set includes everything you need to play, including the game board, letter tiles, score sheets and instructions. It's a great way to spend some time with your family and it also makes a stand-out gift. Scrabble is fun to play with 2 to 4 people, age 8 and up. Make it a game night! Gender: Unisex. Read More

Trula Magruder, Elisa Chavarri
$8.91 at Amazon

Celebrate life's exciting moments with cool crosswords, wild word games, surprising searches, and more. Colorful art makes solving... these puzzles a blast, and solving with a few friends will make the fun even more fantastic! Read More

Dover Publications
$1.69 at Amazon

<div>This little book is an ideal way to help youngsters enlarge their vocabulary and sharpen spelling skills, allwhile having fu...n. Twenty-four easy-to-work puzzles are accompanied by pictures to color and helpful hints for identifying objects "in my room," "in winter," and in other familiar scenes. Complete solutions are included at theend of the book.<BR></div> Read More

$9.96 $8.99 at Walmart

Crossword Challenge [USA Today], a Nintendo console exclusive, is a word game.

$29.96 $9.53 at Walmart

Play over 1,000 professionally designed crossword puzzles and enjoy other word games.The Crosswords Plus game offers over 1,000 pr...ofessionally designed crossword puzzles at multiple skill levels to challenge all types of players. It is all controlled with the stylus and touch screen to input your answers. Within the crossword puzzles, players will discover 4 different skill levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert) and an accessible Hint system. Players can work through puzzles at their own pace as they improve their skills. Additionally, new crossword puzzles will be available for download through the SpotPassTM feature at no additional charge (wireless Internet access required). You can also unlock new puzzles by connecting with others through the StreetPassTM feature. And with the new giant-sized puzzles, players will feel like they are working through multiple crossword puzzles at one time. Read More

$12.99 at Amazon

Help students build key reading comprehension skills with 30 engaging nonfiction and fiction passages and companion activity sheet...s: crosswords, mazes, riddle quizzes, and more. Activities give students practice with making inferences and predictions, identifying main idea and details, using context clues, comparing and contrasting, and identifying fact and opinion. Great for class work and homework?and for preparing students for standardized tests! For use with Grades 3-4. Read More

HarperCollins UK
$10.59 at Amazon

<p>This supremely challenging cryptic collection contains 50 jumbo-sized puzzles, conceived to really challenge your word skills.<.../p><p>Selected by The Times' Crossword Editor, Richard Browne, this original collection will challenge even the most experienced crossword buff.</p><p>The ultimate and only jumbo cryptic crosswords available, these puzzles will allow you to give the grey matter a real workout. With unique grids of 23 x 23 squares (in comparison to the standard 15 x 15 grid), they require serious word power and cryptic puzzling skill.</p><p>Put your linguistic prowess to the test with these quality puzzles from the Times? crossword writers.</p> Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
$6.75 at Amazon

Finding a few minutes of free time during the day is great, but there are not many things that can be accomplished in so little While it may take days to complete some of the puzzles, a crossword puzzle book is a perfect way to break up the monotony. The books range in difficulty, so everyone can benefit from them, and as a bonus, these types of activities have been proven to help with long and short-term memory, concentration and stress reduction. Read More

Monika Roe
$8.30 at Amazon

Be prepared to bend your brain, flex your logic, and stretch your problem-solving skills! This book is filled with mind-bending an...d boggling puzzles to challenge even the most savvy puzzle lovers. You'll find crosswords, word scrambles, logic games, mazes, math challenges, Sudoku, word searches, and more. So put on your thinking cap and get started! Read More

Speedy Publishing Books
$6.82 at Amazon

It's never too early to positively puzzle your child's brain into learning. These puzzles are kiddie in sizes but big in mind bene...fits. Through these, your child will learn new words, understand new definitions and even practice his pattern recognition skills. On top of these, you will see your child focused and motivated to answer all riddles. The confidence your child will exude after the games is a bonus! Read More

Museum Masterworks
$3.95 at Amazon

From Boston to Britain and from King George III to General George Washington, learn about the acts and actions that led to the Rev...olutionary War. Travel through the colonies, read about the Declaration of Independence, and remember the people, places, and battles that changed our country, and the world. Read More

Dover Publications Inc.
$2.00 at Amazon

Thirty fun-filled puzzles that not only offer hours of entertainment, but also help enlarge vocabularies and improve spelling. Div...erting brain-teasers cover a wide range of subjects: animals, body parts, cars, food, Christmas, antonyms (words with opposite meanings of other words) and more. Dover Original. Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
$7.48 at Amazon

Children love puzzles. Crossword puzzles in particular give children an opportunity to learn and grow in a way that is exciting fo...r them. These puzzles reinforce spelling skills and they help to expand a child's vocabulary. So while your child will enjoy these puzzles they also will be learning more and more about the language. Building these language skills is critical at an early age. Your child will be learning and enjoying these puzzles for years to come. Read More

Von Holtzbrinck
$6.53 at Amazon

<p>THE HOTTEST CRAZE IN PUZZLES!</p><p>From puzzlemaster and <i>New York Times</i> crossword editor Will Shortz comes sudoku, the "wordless crossword" puzzle that's taking the world by storm! Once you start, you won't want to stop. These addictive puzzles are easy to understand---just fill the grid with numbers according to the few simple rules---but incredibly fun and engaging to complete. You don't need any mathematics knowledge: Just supply a pencil and an inquisitive mind.</p><p>This brand-new collection features original sudoku ranging from effortlessly easy to devilishly difficult, along with an introduction from Will Shortz that explains these fascinating puzzles and how to solve them. Plus, the last five bonus puzzles in the book are<i> giants</i>---more than 50 percent larger and correspondingly more fun to solve! If you're a crossword fan, a fan of logic puzzles, or just a puzzle lover in general, you will be engrossed and delighted with sudoku!</p> Read More

Brighter Child
$5.99 at Amazon

<div>Just Puzzling! Crosswords & Word Searches is a fun and educational way to entertain your child anywhere he or she may go! Thi...s colorful activity book will provide your child with hours of entertainment and skill-building practice. The engaging, full-color activity pages reinforce the basics of reading and math, for children ages 7 and up, through crosswords and word searches. These challenging puzzles are designed to help your child master critical thinking skills and improve concentration. With fun and learning on every page, Just Puzzling! is a win-win for you and your child! --Answer key included. 96 pages.</div> Read More

Sterling Publishing
$11.65 at Amazon

<div><div>Easy crossword puzzles should gently challenge the mind, not the eyes. With these large-print crosswords from esteemed p...uzzle editor Peter Gordon, everything is clearly visible, from the letters in the grid to the clues themselves. We can't guarantee you will solve every puzzle, but at least you'll be able to see what you've been missing!</div></div> Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
$6.92 at Amazon

Three reasons that kids need children crossword puzzles are as follows. The first, it stimulates the child to learn and develop th...eir vocabulary. Secondly, it gives the child an alternative activity to that of video games. Thirdly, it can be taken anywhere and easily accessed and enjoyed by many children. Read More

Sterling Publishing
$8.05 at Amazon

<div><div>Perfect for those dog-eat-dog days, <I>?D? is for Dalmatian</I> features 72 easygoing daily-sized puzzles sure to relax ...and entertain.<BR></div></div> Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
$10.16 at Amazon

<div>The top-selling teacher resource line The 100+ Series(TM) features over 100 reproducible activities in each book! --Crossword...s and word searches have become popular means for teaching words, terms, and concepts. They've become popular for two reasons: they are enjoyable and they work. The topics in this collection cover the basic terms and concepts usually taught at the second through fourth grade level. The crossword and word search puzzles in this book cover a wide variety of subjects across the curriculum. A few examples of the topics included are vowel sounds, compound words, holidays, math terms, and astronomy terms.</div> Read More

Perseus Distribution
$9.66 at Amazon

<div><p>This is a unique selection of crossword puzzles that test your knowledge of the people, places, and politics of our world.... It includes one hundred crosswords?both cryptic and quick?as well as a guide to the dark art of solving cryptic crosswords and explanations on the route to each answer.</p></DIV> Read More

Penguin Group
$8.48 at Amazon

Take the challenge of even the most perplexing crossword puzzles - with <i>The New Webster's Crossword Dictionary</i> by your side.... A comprehensive listing of over 60,000 entries, it's the essential reference for satisfying crossword-solving. Read More

Dover Publications Inc.
$3.95 at Amazon

<div><div><div>Twenty-one delightful puzzles, each containing a group of numbered ready-to-color objects ? picture clues to the pu...zzle words ? will entertain children while teaching them alphabet and picture recognition, crossword solving and basic spelling skills. Includes solutions to all puzzles.</div></div></div> Read More

Penguin Group
$10.56 at Amazon

Crossword puzzle expert and champion Michelle Arnot has complied this irresistibly fun and entertaining manual filled with fascina...ting facts, puzzle miscellany, and surefire tips for puzzle solving. For devoted daily puzzlers, casual solvers, and fearless crossword warriors alike, this book offers insights into the addictive world of crossword puzzles including:<br><br> ? Insider secrets, techniques, and tips<br> ? Obscure four-letter words for scoring big points<br> ? Advanced strategies of competitive puzzlers<br> ? Inside stories of eccentric players and all-time champions of the grids<br> ? Trivia, lore, and the lingo of crosswording Read More

Dover Publications Inc.
$4.00 at Amazon

Fun-filled collection of traditional favorites (crosswords and search-a-words) as well as innovative puzzles featuring homophones,... connect-the-letters, words that rhyme and much more. Ranging from simple to challenging, these 38 entertaining brainteasers will also sharpen verbal and problem-skills. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$24.95 at Amazon

<b>This is the ultimate activity book for Minecraft!</b> <br><br> Inside you will find lots of fun stuff to do including:<br> -Pu...zzles<br> -Crosswords<br> -Mazes<br> - More! <br> <br><br> This is perfect, fun filled activity book for those who love <b>Minecraft</b>! Enjoy fantastic and exciting activities and end boredom forever with this handy activity book. <br><br> Please note that this is not an official Minecraft book. We are not affiliated with Minecraft. Minecraft is a registered trademark and copyright of Mojang/Notch. Read More

Dover Publications
$1.61 at Amazon

<div>Cool crosswords that teach kids how to spell! Here's an entertaining way for children to sharpen their word skills while they... solve delightful crossword puzzles. Twenty-five charmingly illustrated crosswords feature pictures of four different subjects ? from toys and animals to storybook characters. Helpful hints show little puzzlers where to write in correct letters. And when they are done, each page can be colored. It'sthe fun-filled way to learn how to spell!</div> Read More

$6.79 $6.53 at Walmart

Jesus is the reason for the season Our best-selling Pocket Posh puzzle books make great stocking stuffers. Pocket Posh Christmas C...rosswords 6 features 75 medium-level crosswords offering hours of holiday fun. Crossword puzzles are fan favorites, and this assortment is beautifully decorated for holiday sales. A free trial subscription to The Puzzle Society adds extra value. Read More

HarperCollins UK
$11.62 at Amazon

<p>This supremely challenging cryptic collection contains 50 jumbo-sized puzzles, conceived to really challenge your word skills.<.../p><p>Selected by The Times' Crossword Editor, Richard Browne, this original collection will challenge even the most experienced crossword buff.</p><p>The ultimate and only jumbo cryptic crosswords available, these puzzles will allow you to give the grey matter a real workout. With unique grids of 23 x 23 squares (in comparison to the standard 15 x 15 grid), they require serious word power and cryptic puzzling skill.</p><p>Put your linguistic prowess to the test with these quality puzzles from the Times? crossword writers.</p> Read More

$11.00 at Amazon

25 reproducible maps, featuring temperature, transportation routes, endangered species populations, and more, are paired with cros...sword puzzles to make map-skills review fun! As students read and analyze the map to answer the crossword clues, they build important geography skills and reinforce social studies vocabulary. For use with Grades 48. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$5.99 at Amazon

Puzzles are your child's much-needed brain-boosting activities. They challenge young minds to think in order to complete each leve...l. This activity book is a combination of mazes, crosswords and connect-the-dots. At the end of this book, expect your child's analytic and problem solving skills to improve, together with his/her object and color recognition and vocabulary. Buy a copy now! Read More

School Zone Publishing
$2.99 at Amazon

Crossword puzzles develop skills in all directions! Create a lifetime hobby, as little learners sharpen their language and problem...-solving skills. This cute little book offers 48 creative crossword puzzles with "clue words" to lend a hand. Categorized around specific lessons, these puzzles enhance children's knowledge of synonyms, positional words, and homophones?words that are pronounced alike but have different meanings. This handy practice reinforces reading and language skills. Plus, the tablet format is small enough to fit in any bag, perfect for keeping your little one occupied anytime, anywhere.<br></br><b>Book Details:</b><ul><li>Format: Activity Book</li><li>Publication Date: 3/9/2012</li><li>Pages: 48</li><li>Reading Level: Age 6 and Up</li></ul> Read More

Andrews McMeel Publishing
$5.79 at Amazon

?Not since Sudoku has a new puzzle shown so much initial interest. Unolingo's great success is attributable to its simplicity, its... appeal to all ages, and its mind-bending stimulation.<BR><BR>?Unolingo (pronounced "you-know-lingo") has rapidly climbed the app charts for word games and puzzles with a quarter of a million downloads and counting; it is played by gamers in every U.S. state and over 100 countries around the world. Now available in print, we offer 100 Unolingo puzzles in a pocket-sized package. Every Unolingo is a 10 x 10 crossword with 26 empty squares that requires the precise placement of each letter in the alphabet; each letter is used only once. Depending on the level of difficulty, from one star (easiest) to four stars (most difficult), a Unolingo puzzle can be completed in 5 to 15 minutes and calls for a mix of word knowledge, logic, and deductive reasoning.<BR><BR>?This attractive, tidy package is sized for portability and is part of our successful line of top-notch, best-selling puzzle books. Read More

Sterling Publishing
$5.82 at Amazon

<div>Do you know the three-letter word for a female sheep? How about the four-letter name of Dr. Frankenstein's assistant? And can... you complete this song title with a three-letter word: "___ to the World"? Ready to take on more clues? Then try your hand at a host of crossword puzzles for hours of challenges and amusement. They're filled with words for things that kids know a lot about--games, food, school, sports, music, geography, and so on. And they vary in degree of difficulty. Some of the clues can be answered with a short word; for others, you'll need to think of two words. If you get stumped, check the back of the book where all of the answers are provided. And speaking of answers, here are the ones to the questions above: ewe; Igor; and Joy. The author lives in Atlanta, GA. 96 pages, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4. <br></div> Read More

Museum Masterworks
$3.55 at Amazon

From a log cabin to the White House, from the Black Hawk War to the Civil War, learn more about these 16th president of the United... States. Travel with Lincoln to Richmond and Gettysburg, fight with the troops at Antietam and Shiloh, and try to bridge the gap between the North and the South. Read More

$25.95 at Serious Puzzles

Breaking the 1996 Guinness record, this is the largest English crossword puzzle ever published. Over 91,000 squares on its grid.... Over 24,718 clues, with no repeats, in the 104 page clue book. The puzzle is printed on 6 panels that are folded for easy solving on your lap or table top, or you can mount the panels on the wall - a roll of two sided tape is included. 6 and 1/2 feet of wall space is required for the puzzle. Answer solution grid is on 2 panels that fold out to 4 feet by 4 feet square. Both puzzle and answer grid are printed on sturdy paper stock. Read More

All The King's Games
$12.99 at Kmart

WordZeki is the jumbled crossword brainteaser! Choose a puzzle from the WordZeki book and grab the letter tiles that go to your pu...zzle. . Then, rearrange the letters (in a grid-like configuration) so they form words in every row and column. Read More

School Zone Publishing
$2.64 at Amazon

Crossword puzzles enhance deductive reasoning skills and increase vocabulary! They also provide entertainment that helps sharpen f...ocus and concentration. In this 32-page Activity Zone book, a paragraph of information comes before almost every puzzle. Fill-in-the-blank and other questions based on these short readings--most of them related to science--provide answers for completing the crosswords. Your child learns about each of the puzzle topics and develops reading comprehension--one of the most important skills to master for school testing situations and lifelong learning. Funny, fabulous, full-color illustrations keep it lively. The slim, 32-page size is just right for tucking into totes and luggage. Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
$6.82 at Amazon

Crossword puzzles have many benefits for those who complete them. First, they help expand the user's vocabulary by learning new wo...rds. Second, the puzzles help with spelling because, to fit properly in the crossword puzzle, each word must be spelled correctly. Third, completing an Amazing Crossword Puzzle book helps keep the brain active, which helps to prevent dementia and improves brain functioning. Last, puzzle books are fun to complete and can reduce tension and anxiety and provide a good alternative to reading. Read More

Workman Publishing Company
$9.42 at Amazon

<DIV>Created by Natan Last, a senior at Brown University, three-time intern with Will Shortz, and in 2008 the youngest person to h...ave a puzzle published in the Sunday <I>New York Times</I>, <I>Word </I>kicks the crossword puzzle squarely into the 21st century for a new generation of puzzle-lovers, replacing fusty crossword-ese with hip cultural references, modern wordplay, and a lively mix of high-and low-brow pop trivia. A <I>Word</I> puzzle begins with the shared knowledge of a literate but not-so-reverent generation, and celebrates the knowingness with a deft touch. Your parents? crosswords make solvers feel smart. <I>Word</I> puzzles make solvers feel smart<I> and </I>cool, getting the references to <I>The Daily Show</I>, Mario Brothers, the Goo Goo Dolls, and a hefty dose of nostalgia (the name of the motel in <I>Psycho</I>). But they also know the core curriculum: Charlotte Bronte?s Jane, Roman generals, Berlioz and von Bismarck, Homer?and not just Homer Simpson.<BR /><BR />The puzzles are constructed with all the smarts of a daily <I>Times</I> crossword: themes, interconnected clues, titles that unlock the overall puzzle (solve all the clues and the circle letters will spell out a famous name at Hogwarts). Assisting Mr. Last is a group of five more top ?under 25? constructors, all of whom have published puzzles in <I>The New York Times</I>.</DIV> Read More

$5.83 at Amazon

<div>Every book in Trip Payne's popular, inexpensive crossword series has become a bestseller. Now, this genius of crossword creat...ion (he had his first puzzles published when he was just in junior high and won the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament a grand three times) is back with a seventh collection. That should make puzzle-loving kids positively ecstatic. The age-appropriate clues include "Aladdin rubbed a magic one," "Famous ____ (brand of cookies)," and "You might use one in a treasure hunt." There's nothing in here that isn't worth knowing, nothing that's obscure or arcane. So, for youngsters it's lots of fun. Happy solving!<br></div> Read More

$49.02 at Walmart

HSB1057: The classic crossword game played by millions around the world! Use your seven letters to build crosswords, and use bonus... spaces to add to your score! Genuine wooden letter tiles and racks. For two to four players. Read More

Universal Map
$11.97 at Walmart

Manufacturer Part Number: 1035327Ultimate Crosswords has ninty-four pages of crossword fun. Large print, easy to read, one puzzle ...per page. Answers provided in the back.ISBN: 1559936746 Read More

$24.97 $18.86 at Walmart

Measuring a full 7' x 7' and containing over 28,000 clues, it's hard to comprehend that a crossword puzzle can get much bigger tha...n this one. Hang this monster on your wall using the included double-sided tape, and then unleash your inner cruciverbalist. The puzzle's challenge lies in its size--you have to consider the big picture, literally. Read More

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