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Since 1891 we've been making the finest puzzles and it's our attention to detail, which makes Ravens burger the world's greatest p...uzzle brand. Experience a puzzle quality your child can grow with - piece by piece. Ravens burger puzzle pieces are extra durable to withstand the demands of little hands. Our puzzles help your child to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, memory, task completion and independent play. According to psychologists a child's brain development is positively influenced when a child acts on or manipulates the world around him or her. Puzzles provide that key opportunity. read more


This puzzle is named after the swirling shape of the Galaxy. It is not that difficult to solve but one becomes totally mesmerized the pieces that move freely. It is more difficult to put them back together than to take them apart. Take a good look at how the pieces move when taking them apart so you can put them back together again. The theme is "knot" and was designed by Bram Cohen from the United States. read more

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Two U-shaped bolts and four nuts - this looks like a combination of spare parts but looks are deceiving. This puzzle comes with a ...deviously hidden trick. The key to unlocking these parts is to look carefully at each part first. The theme is complexity. It was designed by Kyoo Wong. U & U was puzzle of the year at IPP 2014 in London, U.K. read more

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Oh boy, this is gonna be a great party! the Disney mickey collection of tableware and accessories has everything you need to host ...a fantastic birthday for a little one. Search for coordinating scene decorations, party hats, balloons, blowouts, paper plates, napkins, cups, party favors and more with your favorite characters including mickey, Donald duck, Minnie mouse, Pluto, daisy duck, goofy and more. Don't forget the matching invitations and thank your!. read more


Let those mouseketeers have loads of fun with these lovely Minnie Mouse Puzzle Cube these are great for kids and adults too. They ...add fun and excitement to any party. And can serve as an ideal party favor or as a prize giveaway. read more

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80-1113-2 Features: -Set of 2 of the same game.-Lonpos cosmic creature took 21 years to create.-Through the refined game board you... can train intelligence and logical thinking.-Anyone can find a level that best suits them.-Instruction and amp; challenge booklet comes with a total of 107 different challenges.-Pocket-sized game is a must have travel item, educational toy, learning resource and cognitive work-out tool.-Cosmic creature game plate.-12 Cosmic creature blocks.-Cosmic creature instruction and amp.-Challenges booklet.-107 Different challenges.-Ages: 3 years and up. Color/Finish: -Different colors and shapes help to stimulate your mind which can increase brain health as well as your IQ. Specifications: -8 Levels ranging from easy to hard that challenge different areas of your brain. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 4.5'' H x 3.5'' W x 0.75'' D. Warranty: -Warranty length: 60 days. read more

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Take the two parts apart and put them back together, that is the objective of this nice looking metal puzzle. A word from the desi...gner: "This Akio Yamamoto creation consists of two pieces fashioned after the image of intertwining Bach melodies. Following the dynamic build up is an inspirational finale when the two pieces elegantly release from each other. You may even want to choose a somewhat luxurious and relaxing ambience when attempting this puzzle. The key word is 'music'" Original Designer -Yamamoto 2003 read more

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Created by young Finnish puzzle designer Vesa Timonen. Vesa has come up with an endearing cast puzzle based on an original puzzle ...ring he created for his girlfriend. One of the appeals of this puzzle is that it can double up as an accessory when the two parts have been perfectly fitted together. Finished with a simple yet unique design. The key word is "Synthesis." read more

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"Guess if the animal on top of your deck is bigger or smaller than the animal in the middle. If you guess correctly, choose whethe...r you want to keep going! If you guessed incorrectly, your turn is over and all your revealed animals go to the bottom of your deck. The first player to get through their entire deck is the winner." Please note that the box is in German. The rules are in rules in English, French, German and Italian. read more

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48 pieces wooden memory game by Nathalie Lete. Designed in France. Recommended for Ages 3+. Vilac has been the maker of high quali...ty, award winning toys since 1911. read more

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At the end of the 19th century, Britain experienced a huge puzzle craze. Despite their rarity, I managed to pick up a number of th...e puzzles famous during that period in flea markets. Based on a puzzle that reappeared later in America, this is one that we have successfully revived in its new form. Keeping in mind the idea of intersecting the 'flags' should help in tackling this one. I only hope you enjoy the final 'release' as much as I do. -NOB 1994. read more

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The original design of this classic metal puzzle dates back from 1911 England. Can you find the correct way to separate the C from... the AB frame? This is our own version of this simple and yet elegant puzzle. To solve the puzzle you need to guide the C through the AB grooves. When you learn the correct path, try to put the C back into the starting position. read more

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The Cast Key is one of the long selling puzzles among Hanayama's Cast Puzzle series. We have created a new version of this puzzle ...emphasizing style and precision, as PART II. Designed by Otake & Wong. The object is to separate the two keys and then restore them to their initial state. It looks simple, but in fact involves a little trick. Beginners should therefore be careful not to pull them apart by force. Theme: "Key." read more


Oh, the magic you'll build. For lots of kids and adults, creating is more than a fun thing to do when your bored. Its a need. Vide...o games provide fleeting stimulation, but bright kids need more. They thrive on that aha! moment, when they discover the-little-piece-that-fits-perfectly. They crave the tactile experience of adding piece-by-piece. Until the edifice is complete. Go ahead. Gift those clever people in your life with the brain-food they love. Oh, the skills that you will boost. Kids develop so many skills while solving a 3-D puzzle, it rivals a therapy session. Finding, sorting and placing the puzzle pieces improves visual discrimination, visual spatial perception, and fine motor coordination, for starters. They will also need to follow directions, sequence correctly and focus intensely. The nice part is they wont even notice how hard they are working. read more


Oh, the magic you will build. For lots of kids and adults, creating is more than a fun thing to do when your bored. It is a need. ...Video games provide fleeting stimulation, but bright kids need more. They thrive on that aha! moment, when they discover the-little-piece-that-fits-perfectly. They crave the tactile experience of adding piece-by-piece. Until the edifice is complete. Go ahead. Gift those clever people in your life with the brain-food they love. Oh, the skills that you'll boost. Kids develop so many skills while solving a 3-D puzzle, it rivals a therapy session. Finding, sorting and placing the puzzle pieces improves visual discrimination, visual spatial perception, and fine motor coordination, for starters. They will also need to follow directions, sequence correctly and focus intensely. The nice part is they wont even notice how hard they are working. read more

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After completion of this puzzle by Dutch designer Oskar, the words "key" and "ring" should be properly lined up with each other. T...his is vital. If you try to put the pieces back together without lining up the words correctly, you will have failed even after achieving what appears at first to be a successful matching. It should read "Key Ring" even when upside down. The wording design is courtesy of the prodigy, Scott Kim. The key word is 'pair." read more

Chronicle Books
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Twisty mazes! Silly monsters! Rocket ships! Racing cars! This endlessly clever book contains more than 60 games for children that ...let them imagine, build, guess, observe, count, match, sort, add, subtract, read, think, and play! Perfect for pre-K and early elementary ages, Taro Gomi's Playful Puzzles introduces a wide array of essential childhood skills—colorfully, intriguingly. read more

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Logic, math, and fun come all wrapped up in one tricky puzzle package. Each little story gives you just enough information to dete...rmine what's bigger, who weighs more, how much gets sold, and lots of other confounding braintwisters. To make it just a little easier, every puzzle has a chart to help you organize and work out the all facts in your possession. read more

Barron's Educational Series
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Designed by three puzzle-book pros and long-time Mensa workers, this super-tricky book is jam packed with almost 100 pages of puzz...les―from number stumpers and visual teasers to verbal tests. Kids will find themselves stuck, stumped, and thoroughly challenged as they flex their brain muscles. read more

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Spot the difference puzzle books are some of the most popular search and find books for kids and, like many childrens games and pu...zzles books, are excellent for child development.With no fewer than 40 sets of almost identical pictures, this find the difference book provides hours of fun for kids of all ages. It is however best suited to kids over the age of 6.Each set of pictures contains at least 10 differences, and finding them helps your child to develop a range of skills including observation, attention and concentration, as well as providing an excellent way to improve the memory. Like many kids activity books, these brain or mind puzzles make very popular childrens books, aiding both child development and education.Please note that the pictures in this book are in black and white, and that the differences between the pictures in each set are not dependent on color. However, if you would like to try these puzzles in full color, then why not pick up the Kindle edition of the book. As long as you have purchased this print version of the book through Amazon, you can buy the Kindle version free of charge. read more

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A yummy word search set in a bakery, a game with a magic square, a “sum situation” where numbers form a word code: these and many ...more supersizzling “brain games” will entertain kids for hours! read more


Another exciting kids activity book by Samuella Taylor, author of other kids favorites such as “Mischievous Macy”, “My Genius Baby...: The Five Senses”, "Rofo does not want to Sleep" and "Kids Car Activity Book - Ultimate Word Puzzles". Driving around with sweet and active kids in the backseat can be fun as long as it is a short drive and kids are busy. But what to do when things turn ugly in long drives and the little ones resort to crying and fighting in the backseat, just when you are trying to figure out how to get through your very long drive or busy day! Healthy Mind Media offers you another perfect long drive companion for a fun family trip! Kids 5 and up can fill out these fun and brain-taxing colorful puzzles for hours of fun in the backseat! The book, which is part of a series, has exciting and fun games to help kids learn new math skills keeping them busy while you can drive the car. These puzzles will not only enhance their learning abilities but also increase their problem solving skills. Contains: 10 Find-a-way puzzles 27 Math search puzzles 10 addition, subtraction, multiplication puzzles Instructions and examples to assist! Answers to all puzzles given at the end Healthy Mind Media is always looking for reader feedback and comments. We welcome your reviews on Amazon and other sites as well as look forward to hearing from you at read more

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Featuring a graphic excellence that makes them a pleasure to solve, these challenging mazes will test the patience and ingenuity o...f puzzle lovers of all levels of expertise. Find the center of a giant dice cube, reach mid-point of interlocking squares, navigate an ocean of raindrops, and more. Complete solutions are included. read more

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Tame the wildest puzzle around!Sudoku is the puzzle craze that's sweeping the country. Now you can get in on the action and become... a master sudoku solver!Will Shortz Presents the Jungle Book of Sudoku for Kids features:- 150 brain-tickling sudoku puzzles- 4 difficulty levels from fun to ferocious!- Introduction and solving tips from legendary puzzlemaster Will Shortz read more

Adams Media

Word searches, mazes, hidden pictures, scrambled words, and more--the fun never ends! In this book, kids find 100 brand-new puzzle...s of all kinds. They'll love to play their way through kid-friendly topics like:Eeky creepy!Fish frenzyDino-might!Hummin' hoedownPirate powerrrr! And many, many more! Parents and kids alike will delight in the newest edition to the series that the Associated Press has called "Everything you want in a kids' book." So sharpen those pencils and get ready for hours of puzzling fun! read more

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A child would appreciate a spot the difference puzzle book because it offers a challenge and source of entertainment. This puzzle would benefit a child because it gives a kid the opportunity to practice paying attention to detail. A feeling of satisfactory and victory is accomplished when the child spots the differences. Brain engagement and educational skills can be gained from this puzzle book. It's a great book for both enjoyment and educational purposes. read more

Speedy Publishing LLC

ABC coloring books with mazes and puzzles are very beneficial for toddlers; hence, every child loves to have fun while learning wh...ich makes an efficient and remarkable learning experience for toddlers. Five Benefits of Having an ABC Coloring Book with Maze and Puzzles For Toddlers Letter, shape and color identification Physical skills - adjustment of puzzles and placing the pieces where fitted Emotional skills - patience plays a great role for toddlers as they get prizes for puzzle completion Cognitive skills - ability to memorize and carry out tasks read more

Dover Publications

Putting your thinking cap on has never been more fun! Fifty colorful pages of activities will test your math and logic skills as w...ell as your powers of observation. Perfect for 8- to 14-year-olds, these brain games involve figuring out the weight of plundered treasure, mapping New York City taxi routes, cracking secret codes, and other exciting challenges. read more

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Has anyone ever told you gamers out there that your time would be better spent studying? Well, don't let go of that joystick just ...yet! Turns out, advancing to that next level of Super Mario Brothers has a similar effect on your brain as getting an A on your spelling test. Video games have been successful at training elite groups in the U.S. military and future doctors. Discover how they can help boost your brain power too! read more

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We love those tiny hands as much as you do, and we designed our sturdy memory game pieces with them in mind. Playful illustrations... and the preschool-perfect task of finding matches: let the games begin! read more

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Vacation trips in the car as well as days spent at home call for a fun way for kids to be challenged. With word games and fun puzz...les, your kids will learn while enjoying the abundant stimulation that is found in this exciting book. Pick up a copy this summer. read more

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100 puzzles for sharp-eyed kids!Do you love to find every last hidden picture? Are you a pro at spot-the-difference puzzles? Can't... get enough of matching games? Then The Everything Kids' Picture Puzzles Book is for you! It's packed with tricky, mind-bending, boredom-busting games and activities. Inside, you'll find puzzles on all the things you love, including:Travel funCreepy crawliesThe world of animalsSports and hobbiesThe big blue seaCelebrationsAnd so much more! Grab your pencil and get ready to have some fun with more than 100 games, brain teasers, and puzzles! read more

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How do you keep kids from gnawing off the table legs while they wait for meals? Easy! You feed their brains. Each tear-off sheet i...n this 36-page placemat pad is filled with brain-building activities: puzzles, mazes, brainteasers, jokes, quotes, weird facts, tabletop experiments, and noodle-while-you-doodle activities. Engineered to turn young eaters into readers and perfect for feeding young brains in classrooms, too! Each placemat pad has its own wacky theme, including the Asteroid Puzzler, Moon Codes Brain Noodler, Zero-Gravity Raisin Dance, Nuclear Anagrams, Alien Sudoku, and The (Almost) Unbelievable Story of a Pancake-Cooking Alien! Each placemat also includes jokes, fascinating factoids, and quotes guaranteed to amaze and annoy table companions of all ages. read more

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Seeing is believing. But what if you simply can't believe your eyes? Dive into another dimension and experience the eye-boggling a...nd brain-twisting extremes of these awesome optical illusions. This mind-bending collection of visual puzzles will amaze your friends, mystify your family and even blow your own mind!Xtreme Illusions features every kind of visual trick and deceptive image, all in a cutting-edge style and using dynamic paper mechanics that are instantly engaging.Fun-filled sections include:DIZZY ALERT! You know these pictures aren't moving, but it looks as if they are!PUZZLING PICTURES: Beautiful young lady or elderly woman? Images in this book are not quite as simple as they seem.LOOPY LINES AND SILLY SIZES: Grab your "ruler of truth" included in this book and look closely! Test perplexing patterns where size, shape, or direction appears to be distorted and find out the real deal.LOOK...AND LOOK AGAIN: Nothing is exactly what it appears to be. Look for impossible objects, hidden secrets, and doorways to incredible worlds.Releases simultaneously in Reinforced Library Binding: 978-1-4263-1084-3 , $25.95/$30.00 Can read more

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Walter Wick's new book of search-and-find puzzles--each with a brain-teasing twist--is over the top!Walter once again delights our... eyes and challenges our minds with his own special wit and style.With his signature style of photographic artwork, Walter Wick takes picture puzzles to a new level with CAN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Twelve tantalizing photographs are filled with fascinating objects, while rhyming text challenges readers with lists of items to seek and find. The text on each spread ends with a twist. Readers must go back and solve brain-teasing puzzles: follow an alphabet maze, identify parts needed to build a robot, discover objects in a mirror image that doesn't quite reflect what's really there! This book will provide hours of fun to puzzle-lovers of all ages! read more

Barron's Educational Series

Vampires are over. Werewolves are passé. Witches are so yesterday. It’s the zombie’s time to shine! Freakishly strong, disgustingl...y decayed, and always up for a slow chase through deserted streets, the army of the undead have stolen our hearts (or brains if they can get their hands on them), and we can’t get enough! Little Zombie Activity Book will keep young zombie fans entertained for hours. They can:Solve puzzles to help zombies relocate missing body partsMake yummy yet foul-looking treats, like zombie jelly and edible eyeballsLearn Gross-but-True trivia and interesting facts about the brain Complete color-by-number, fill-in-the-blanks, and connect-the-dot drawingsThere are also coloring and doodle pages, quizzes and games, projects to do with friends, and the ever popular Zombie-doku (like Sudoku, but with brains, eyeballs, and bones instead of numbers). Zombie lovers of all ages will agree, Little Zombie Activity Book is wonderfully warped! read more

21st Century

Gamers, beware —your video games can think for themselves! Ever wondered what's inside the plastic of your video game console, but... don't want to crack it open to find out? Crack open this book instead! You'll learn what computer code looks like, how a game console's "brain" makes decisions , and how its memory allows you to return to play each day without starting from scratch. read more

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Kids Word Search Puzzles and Maze Activity Book Volume 1 has been developed to help children learn words, but more importantly to ...recognize letters. This book is Volume 1 in a Word Search Series being developed with the help of a graduate in child teaching who has over 11 years teaching children from age 5 to 12. The word search puzzles have been carefully created with learning in mind for children 5 - 9 years old....words that they will be exposed to at school. Children will spend hours working with these books and that is so good for their brain development and intellectual activity. Included in the book are some fun maze puzzles that children also like to do and which develop their observation skills. Kids Word Search Puzzles and Maze Activity Book is an ideal book for your own children or as a gift for children in the ages of 5 - 9. read more

MDK Publications

Pages of fun! Mazes, Connect the Dots, Spot the Difference! Everything your child loves to work on is in this high quality puzzle Great for gift giving - this book is made with thick paper and cover, not a flimsy print job you would find in the dollar store. Any child that loves puzzles will love this book. read more

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Be the one to make a difference in your students' thinking! With more than 100 games to choose from, Brain Food is your one-stop s...ource for exploring the fun in learning. This compilation is filled with new, as well as traditional, brain games, and most need little more than paper and pencil to get you started. Each game is classroom tested and tailored to encourage cooperation and teamwork, as well as deductive logic.The book includesword games,math games,logic games,memory games, andmuch more!One exciting aspect of this book is that it has a bit of an international flavor. It is filled with fun games from around the world that challenge and stimulate young minds. From the Japanese strategy game Hasami Shogi, to the traditional African game Wari, to the deductive game Witch Hunt, to the word challenge Wordbuilder, these mind-stretching tools encourage complex thinking skills.Games by their very nature require thinking. With Brain Food you'll get teaching tools such as Alphamazement—a game of strategy that challenges both visual and verbal skills by having players connect letters of the alphabet in a zigzagging maze. Or, try the traditional Maori game Mu-Torere to enhance visual and mathematical skills. read more

Parragon Books
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Stimulate the brain with this amazing maze book! There are over 100 incredibly puzzling activities that will be sure to keep kids ...engaged and thinking! read more

Atlas Books

This great puzzle and activity title contains a huge variety of games and brain-teasing puzzles with a biblical theme. It's packed... with great picture, word, and knowledge activities including spot the difference, word searches, mazes, matched pairs, hidden pictures, and guess the Bible story. Will keep children engaged and entertained for hours and offers excellent value. read more

Dover Publications

Find your way through a spooky wonderland of mazes! Tiptoe past sleeping monsters, evade spiders and skeletons, and swing from cha...ndeliers to complete these dangerous labyrinths. Ten full-color, double-page challenges take puzzlists ages 8 and up through a series of haunted mazes—into a hall of mirrors, past headless ghosts, and across bubbling pools of acid. Solutions included. read more

Good Year Books
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By Celia Baron. 1) Statement 2 is false. 2) Statement 3 is false. 3) Statement 4 is false. 4) Statement 1 is false. How many state...ments are true? The 81 mental challenges here (one per illustrated reproducible page) can sometimes be problems of pure logic, sometimes mathematical, sometimes visual (responding to a picture), and sometimes spatial. Strategies required: trial and error, finding a pattern, working backward, elimination, estimation, algebra, listing, sketching, and logical thinking. Grades 4–8. Answer key. Illustrated. Good Year. 90 pages. Second Edition. ©2008. GDY448. read more

School Zone Publishing

No more flat, pencil-pushing puzzles! This bold book takes mazes to a new dimension. From a pop-up pyramid to a 3-D galactic chase... to an electronic circuit that buzzes when you stray off course, this ingenious collection is truly a puzzler`s paradise. The mazes have more than one level, but only one tough answer, guaranteeing hours of fun. In addition to spectacular feats of paper engineering, this puzzle pack includes 3-D glasses, a stylus, moving parts, and a raised plastic maze with a rolling bead. Sophisticated enough to appeal to many age groups, this deluxe book is a great gift for dedicated puzzle solvers. read more

Speedy Publishing LLC
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1. These mind stimulating activities are will fight boredom while in the car or on days off from school. 2. They will improve the ...hand-eye coordination of children who are learning letter writing skills. 3. They will improve the reasoning and problem solving skills of children as they work through the puzzles. read more

Think Fun
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Strategic Skill Building Game ThinkFun® Brain Fitness games help keep your mind young and sharp - all through play. Whether you gr...ew up playing chess or can't tell the difference between a knight and a rook, Solitaire Chess is for you! Ages: 8 to adult Players: single player read more


Toys Memory Game is a simple and fun matching game designed to help preschoolers develop vocabulary and observational skills. Chil...dren place the tiles face-down on the table and turn over 2 at a time. If the images match the tiles are kept. The game is complete when all the tiles have been matched; the player with the most tiles wins. Suitable for ages 2 to 4, Toys Memory from Granna Games can be played alone or with family and friends. Let the fun begin! Since 1991, Granna has worked closely with educators, parents and, of course, children to create games that are interesting, educational and visually appealing. Granna Games are distributed by Pierre Belvedere, whose unique presentation of educational toys has been carefully selected to ensure that all toys are non-violent, age appropriate and promote creative and imaginative play. Their wide range of products includes stimulating toys for newborns and toddlers, fun board games and educational toys that inspire a child's curiosity. All toys distributed by Pierre Belvedere are manufactured to strict specifications and tested by an independent international lab to ensure that the highest levels of safety standards have been met. read more

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MJ2968 Features: -Mind jewel brain puzzle. -Mind jewel is a brilliantly challenging puzzle. -Unravel the gemstones to lie flat. -T...wist and turn the pieces to return the gemstone to its original spherical shape. Gender: -Boy/Girl. Category: -Early Development Toys. Minimum Age Requirement: -5 Years And Up. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -7.5 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -3.5 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -7.5 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -0.73 Pounds. read more

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Easy Maze Games Activity Book is a fun activity book for kids that love mazes . Filled with more than 28 large prints, this book w...ill stir their imagination with these fun activities. Activity Book is a highly effective way in unleashing your child's imagination and creativity. It also promotes self-expression that is useful in learning. Kids would definitely love Easy Maze Games Activity Book. read more

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