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My First Craftsman Kids' Play Construction Tools

My First Craftsman
$15.99 at Sears

Craftsman Haulin' Semi Tool Box Kit Playset Inventive Play for Your Would-Be Mechanic My First Craftsman Haulin' Semi Tool Box Kit... is all set for play-time fun. Your little boy or girl can pretend that the Haulin' Semi is carrying special cargo on journey to an exotic place and they have to make sure the cargo arrives safely. Your little one can create unlimited escapades for their haulin' semi truck. On the other hand, your aspiring mechanic can remove the tool box kit from the Craftsman Haulin' Semi Tool Box Kit Playset and take off the tires and put them back on again or remove the smokestack and practice replacing it, so that the haulin' semi can get back on the road to adventure. Included in the tool box for your little one are screws, a 2-in-1 screwdriver, a combination wrench, and a lug wrench. My First Craftsman Haulin' Semi Tool Box Kit encourages your little one's imagination and creativity while stimulating skills like hand-eye coordination and motor skills The haulin' semi truck features six tires and a smokestack that can all be removed and replaced in case of an 'incident' in your child's playtime adventure The haulin' semi truck gets back on the road quickly as your little mechanic makes repairs with the tools in the tool box kit including the screws, lug wrench, screwdriver and combination wrench No batteries are needed as this haulin' semi is powered by your child Minor assembly is required for you This Haulin' Semi Tool Box Kit is intended for little boys and girls ages 3-6 years of age Mechanics keep safety first - so please keep in mind that this toy contains small parts and carries a choke hazard warning as it is not intended for children under the age of 3 Read More

My First Craftsman
$12.99 at Sears

My First Tool Box Set for the Master Craftsman in Training My First Craftsman 30-pc Tool Box Set is the perfect way to keep your l...ittle man's curious hands busy and constructive for months. It's inevitable for your child to grow out of his building blocks and look for more realistic toys to build with. Before he decides to explore your kitchen drawers and garage, keep him out of harm's way with his very own tool set. Watch him squeal in delight at the impressive collection of tools, which include a hammer, pliers, nails, screws and nuts. Your child will be thrilled to know he can create his own toys with My First Tool Box Set. He can immediately put the tools to work to shape his own sword or flower. When your little master craftsman knocks off for the day, he can conveniently pack away his gear in a clever toolbox and prepare for another day of great fun! My First Craftsman 30-pc Tool Box Set keeps your child away from your dangerous tools and safe in his playroom for hours building away The set is a wide collection of impressively-realistic tools, which includes two screwdriver handles, a Flat head tip, one Phillips head, a square ruler, a hammer, pliers, one handsaw, two pieces of two-hole connectors, two pieces of three-hole connectors, three plastic nails, six screws, six nuts, a Paper badge and Paper measures card Your child can use the tools to shape his own sword and flower All these tools can be packed away neatly into the toolbox. This is especially convenient for parents; the box will save you the headache of finding and picking up scattered toys Read More

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