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Baby Einstein Play Musical Instruments

Think you might be raising a future Mozart or McCartney? Encourage your little one's love of music by giving her toy musical instruments. A baby can begin to make music with a pint-size keyboard or plastic drum. For a toddler or young child, buy an inexpensive set of basic percussion, string, and wind instruments so she can test them all before you invest in the real deal and lessons.
Baby Einstein
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Baby Einstein delivers drumming fun for baby and a whole lot more. Discovery Drums provide three modes of play so baby can discove...r music, numbers, and colors. In music mode, infants "drum up" their own music in free play or listen to 12 classical melodies to enjoy during naptime or playtime. When a drum is touched in either number or color mode, baby listens as each number or color is spoken in English, Spanish, or French. For more entertaining fun, baby also enjoys flashing lights when hitting a drum, no matter what mode. The convenient and colorful caterpillar handle provides easy portability for on the go fun. Includes volume control and 3 AA batteries. Read More

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