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The easy way to learn and play. Your favorite Pokemon will show you how to battle-one card at a time! The Pokemon TCG: XY Trainer ...Kit gets you playing from the very first card you draw. And with powerful Pokemon like Sylveon and Noivern at your side, you'll be a Pokemon Trainer in no time! The Pokemon TCG: XY Trainer Kit contains everything you need to learn, train and win. Read More

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Feel the furious flames of Mega Charizard and let your imagination take flight with 1 of 2 unbelievable sculpted figures featuring... this awesome Pokemon! But that's not all: the Mega Charizard Collection also fires up your battles with 4 Pokemon TCG booster packs, plus a special foil promo card - because nothing is hotter than Mega Charizard!. Read More

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GET CHOMPING WITH KROOKODILE! The fearsome jaws that never let go are on your side with the Krookodile-EX Box! Sink your teeth int...o a never-before-seen foil promo card featuring the hard-biting style of this impressive desert Pokemon and make those mighty fangs even bigger with a fantastic oversize foil promo card. Read More

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