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Oeuf Pretend Play

$269.00 at Magic Beans

Most of what happens around your child is both literally and figuratively over her head: discussions she doesnGt understand, decis...ions she canGt participate in, and cookie jars placed just out of her line of sight on the kitchen counter. So furniture thatGs made just for her, at her own scale, is a pleasant change from the everyday, allowing her to enter a world where she can imagine, play, and snack and feel like sheGs the one in charge for a change. The Oeuf Play Table & Chairs set is perfectly sized for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy art projects, tea parties, snack time, and more, and itGs super cute, too! You can choose from chairs with bunny ears or bear ears, and the simple, ever-so-slightly playful design of the table and chairs makes an excellent centerpiece for a well-appointed playroom. Read More

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