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All new, imaginative fun children's birthday party games and activities that use household, grocery or inexpensive items as game s...upplies and preparation is a breeze. Here is a look at some of the new children's birthday party games found in Games Galore for Children's Parties and More. In Smelly Gym Socks; toss sock balls at your friends and receive a surprise at the end of the game. In Flapjack Frenzy; serve up hot pad flapjacks in an exciting, fun to watch sit-down relay. In Mutiny on the Bounty; act out your swashbuckling mutiny consequences with an adventuresome spirit. This book outlines 80 brand new children's games and activities just like these with simple and easy-to-follow instructions, tips and ideas for party planning. Creative, imaginative and all new noncompetitive fun for everyone to celebrate on any special occasion. Not just for birthday parties- introduce for fun in the classroom, at youth group meetings, family reunions, carnivals, rainy days, sick days, travel time and everyday fun. read more

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