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Learning Advantage
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Classic Brain Teaser! The goal of this ancient game is to transfer all of the discs from one post to another moving only one at a ...time and never stacking a larger disc on top of a smaller one- Length: 7-5- Width: 2-75- Height: 3-37 SKU: EDRE49600 Read More

Learning Advantage
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Develop student understanding of the order of operations and fact practice- Skill involves determining which operation needs to be... solved first to correctly answer a problem- Deck consists of problems on one side and detailed process for solving on the reverse- Deck includes: 105 flash cards, instructional guide, games, and extension activities- GR: 3-8- Length: 6-75- Width: 3-87- Height: 1-87 SKU: EDRE49612 Read More

Learning Advantage
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Fractions are fun! Set includes 45 dominoes and detailed instructions listing a variety of games at different levels of difficulty...- 2-5 players- Ages 9-14- Length: 0-5 SKU: EDRE49795 Read More

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